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Sexy 70 Year Old Men

Updated on November 28, 2010
Dustin Hoffman
Dustin Hoffman

Let me start by saying that I realize these men are forty-some years older than myself. I don't have daddy fetish, and this article is not a joke. Sex appeal is nearly always in the way a man carries himself, and these men happen to do so extremely well.

Additionally, I will add that I do find them physically attractive, and I don't know why I shouldn't. People have been taking better care of themselves over the last half-century, and there's no reason why 40 has to be the end of the road in terms of sex appeal. Just turn the telly on and you'll see loads of sexy men over 40, and sometimes over 50.

Dustin Hoffman

I had no idea Dustin was 70 when first started putting this together. I was shocked. He looks FANTASTIC. In fact, I'd have put him at late 50s, just looking at his photo.

If you've seen him in Meet the Fockers you would have a hard time believing he was 70, too. Did you see the body on him??

I've always thought he was cute, in addition to being a world-class actor. I don't know if he's had any work done, but the man looks fabulous.

Robert Redford

My God, who in their right mind wouldn't pay this man for one night alone with him? I lurve this man. Maybe it's because he's got ginger hair, maybe it's just cos the man is rugged and masculine. My guess would be it's a bit of both.

Robert Redford was the original Brad Pitt -- except Redford had/has real substance. They do not make men like this anymore. I'm not sure they made more than a few way back when, either.

If you've never seen his films from back in the day, you really need to rent them. Seriously. If you don't fall in love with him straight off the bat, something is wrong with you!

Robert Redford: This outfit would still look sexy today.
Robert Redford: This outfit would still look sexy today.
Michael Caine
Michael Caine

Michael Caine

I have had a thing for Michael Caine since the 80's, and I wasn't even old enough to hold hands with a boy yet. I dunno what it is about him, but Michael Caine is sexy hawt. Even in those films where he deliberately wore the geek glasses -- you have to know man is hot when he can pull those off.

Seriously, though, Caine is so calm, cool and collected that it makes a girl want to see what kind of wild badness he can get up to. I reckon that's part of why he appeals to me so much.

Rent Batman Begins and you'll see that Mr. Caine still has it going on. I can't wait to see the one that's just coming out!

My Favorite Caine Photo!
My Favorite Caine Photo!

William Shatner

I know, he plays a bit of a goof on Boston Legal, but you have to admit that William Shatner is pretty hot for being 77 years old! He was truly, madly, deeply sexy hawt back when he was playing Kirk -- even if he did overact a bit. I wasn't big on the TJ Hooker thing, but when he started showing us how hysterically funny he could be in films like Showtime, Miss Congeniality and the like, you had to see him in a new light. Personally, I think he looks fantastic for his age, I'd have guessed he was in his early 60s. Go Shat!

William Shatner in the 70s

Donald Sutherland
Donald Sutherland

Donald Sutherland

I first fell in love with Donald Sutherland while watching Kelly's Heroes. If you've seen that movie, you'll probably think him a strange character to fall for, but I did. I adored him in Ordinary People, as well (first DVD I ever bought, along with True Romance!). He emotes such compassion somehow, that you just can't help feeling connected to him. He was FABULOUS in Pride & Prejudice, and I think he looked damned sexy, too. He was fab in the Italian Job remake, also. Love him!


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