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Sexy Bengali TV and Fim Actress Sreelakha Mitra

Updated on September 20, 2009

Sreelakha Mitra is another hot and famous Bengali actress in Tollywood. She is little bit mature but very beautiful actress in that specific region of India.She was born in 30 August 1975 and now she is 35 years old. She is very famous Bengali Indian female actress of TV serial and films.Hear are some great film which she has appear on.Mayer Dibyi , Sankha Sindurer Dibbi , Mando Meyer Upakshan ,Tumi Robe Nirobe, Tin Ekke Tin, Aamader Sansar , Jabab Chai , Hathat Brishti , Sagar Banya , Joyee , Saptami .Sreelakha is one of the most hottest and sexiest Bengali actress of India and she also perform some advertisement with famous Bollywood stars such as Saif Ali Khan and Aamir Khan too.Normally Bengali Film Industry is Known as Tollywood like Tamil film industry is known as Kollywood , Telugu film industry is known as Mollywood and Hindi film Industry is Known as Bollywood. Bollywood is the most famous film industry in India.

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      DIPANJAN 7 years ago

      SREELAKHA YOU ARE VERY QUET AND GOOD ACTRESS, I LIKE YOUR ACTRESS,YOU ARE VERY HOT................................................