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Sexy Celebrities And Bad Cosmetic / Plastic Surgery

Updated on August 30, 2011

I fully understand why some people resort to cosmetic surgery in order to feel better about themselves. If you aren't happy and have the ability to change the physical thing or things that make you feel this way, then great. I'm all for people being able to change themselves via cosmetic surgery. I personally couldn't indulge as I'm a wuss, but if it was possible to change things via painless magic, then I probably would. Cosmetic surgery can be an empowering experience and I think that it's great to have the option.

At least, I did. I did until one night whilst watching a movie called Broken Flowers, when I witnessed something really disturbing. I remember watching an actress on screen, whom I thought I should recognise, but I didn't. Was that really Jessica Lange? It couldn't be. But it was, it was Jessica Lange with bad surgery. Was it bad surgery, or was it just too much surgery? I had no idea, but what I did know was that this once sexy woman now had a face that resembled an ugly cat.

Sexy Jessica Lange

Cat-Like Jessica Lange

What Had She Done?!

Of course she had aged, so she wouldn't look as fresh faced and young, but what's with the eyes and cheeks? Age doesn't do that. Bad / too much surgery does that. I can totally understand not wanting to age in appearance, I feel the same myself. But I'd rather have a few wrinkles on my face at her age than look like I've been mutilated.

But what I found myself asking is did she choose that look, or did it go wrong?

That's what worries me about cosmetic surgery these days. Do these celebrities really want to look the way they do, or is it all a huge mistake that happens in the operating theatre?

Instead of gawping and wondering why the hell such a naturally beautiful woman would do this to herself, should I really be feeling sorry for someone who didn't want to look aged, but somehow it all went wrong?

The Transformation Of Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne Before and After Surgery
Sharon Osbourne Before and After Surgery

How Good Surgery Works Wonders

Sharon Osbourne is a perfect example of good surgery. I have heard her talk on numerous occasions about how much surgery she's had and will continue to have, and boy does it work for her! But this got me thinking, if she's had so much, how come she doesn't look like Jessica Lange? Is it really bad surgery to blame, opposed to too much?

Whatever Sharon Osbourne has exactly had done, she looks amazing. But how has she managed to do it without acquiring those cat-like eyes? Do some celebrities really go into a doctor's office and ask for such a look? I'm baffled.

Going Too Far

After seeing the new look Jessica Lange, I started noticing other celebrities who just didn't look right. For me, it's all about the eyes. After what appears to be bad surgery, there is undoubtably a change in the eye shape, presumably due to the stretching of the skin in a face lift.

I had seen photos of Jocelyn Wildenstein floating about, but I never knew who she was or what she had looked like previously until I was researching this hub. Because I didn't know how she had originally looked, I just took her as someone who obviously enjoyed cosmetic surgery, I never really looked that close at pics of her. When I discovered what she looked like pre-surgery, I was amazed. I had presumed that she probably didn't start out as typically attractive and this is why she changed her appearance so much. How wrong I was!

Jocelyn Wildenstein The Beauty

Jocelyn Wildenstein After Surgery


After actually taking note of how Jocelyn Wildenstein looks, rather than just seeing an image of her and passing it by, I am astonished that anyone would do this to themselves.

Sexy Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke Post Surgery

Jennifer Grey - Baby From Dirty Dancing

Not Technically Bad In The End...

Nobody puts Baby in a corner, right? Well actress Jennifer Grey of Dirty Dancing fame found out just how badly cosmetic surgery can go, after two nose jobs left her unrecognisable and in straight to TV movies.

Despite the end result looking perfectly good, becoming unrecognisable isn't a great option for an actress who achieved worldwide fame in a film as big as Dirty Dancing.

Isn't That Sanda Bullock? Nope, It's Jennifer Grey

Crystal Carrington

When I watched Dynasty as a kid I always thought that Linda Evans looked like a Barbie doll. When I saw a photo of her recently I didn't know what to say, except WHY?

Linda Evans Dynasty Days

I Presume Post Surgery

Leslie Ash

For those outside of the UK, Leslie Ash is a very well known TV actress who appeared in the film Quadrophenia. In 2003 she had a series of collagen lip implants that went seriously wrong. The UK tabloids titled her "Trout Pout", but despite a lot of negative press and public ridicule, Leslie's career didn't suffer. At least we know that this went wrong and it isn't what she asked for!

Unenhanced Leslie Ash


Sexy Meg Ryan

More Lip Enhancement

The Good And Bad Of Cosmetic Surgery

I still think that cosmetic surgery is a good thing, providing that Body Dysmorphic Disorder isn't the cause for wanting it. If it's used for a physical correction or enhancement then great, it's up to the individual what they do to their own body, providing they are in a sound state of mind.

When surgery turns bad like these examples, then the issue of why? Should be addressed. Are these celebrities really going and asking to look like this, or is it just surgery going wrong? How does Sharon Osbourne get away with so much surgery, yet look so natural?

Any celebrity considering cosmetic surgery should get straight on the phone to Mrs Osbourne and ask for her surgeon's number, because either these celebrities have a really strange view of improving their appearance, or their surgeons should be sued.


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    • moonbun profile image

      Luna Fae 3 years ago from UK

      I completely agree, so odd :)

    • profile image

      Joelle 3 years ago

      Let's face it all the celebrities turns to plastic surgery because they can't age especially the females. What baffles me is how some celebrities as you pointed out get good surgery such as Madonna Sharon Osbourne there are a few others I just can't think of their names but mostly it's not good and I'm sure besides not looking good it's painful and difficult to deal with. You would think they'd talk amongst each other and they would know!!

    • mulberry1 profile image

      Christine Mulberry 6 years ago

      To me all of these people look much better before...but they are also much younger before. Once things start sagging we don't look the same anyway so it's not fair to say they look much worse now than they would if they would have done nothing. (Personally, I think people go way overboard and look REALLY scary.)

    • Dmitriy bestlife profile image

      Dmitriy bestlife 7 years ago from Moscow

      Well, it may sound a self promotion, but:

      We hame a series of non contact electrinic devices able to solve the main cosmetology problems. No need to undergo an operation, to achieve skin lifting. This non invasive treatment works with the whole organism from inside, solves the health problems, regulates melatonin balance. After that one will have a result. It is not a "one day" solution, but a safe alternative in the area where vo risks are admissible.

    • profile image

      KellyEngaldo 8 years ago

      This is an important post. Aging gracefully is an art. To try to have science intervene - the photos show the results. Oh, the wrinkles are hard to adjust to, but the horrible results are really scary. When you think about the flip side , it is interesting to note, when done well, we will never notice - "shouldn't" notice.

    • PSChannel profile image

      PSChannel 8 years ago from TX, United States

      Poor Meg Ryan, I don't know why people just can't put a limit on themselves.

    • profile image

      Beberoni 8 years ago

      Its sad that these people who were blessed with beauty, obviously didn't know God or they would have recognized the beauty He gave them, and they went and made themselves ugly instead of recognizing the God given beauty the Lord gave them.

    • profile image

      Tyler Rutland 8 years ago

      I think that for celebrities, Body Dysmorphic Disorder is more likely the cause behind all the work that they have done. From what I'm aware, BDD targets those more often who are of average or above average attractiveness and from those pictures above, it seems like the celebrities who start out gorgeous are the ones who suffer the most by going under the knife. That's not to say that cosmetic surgery will completely wreck any attractive person's face but I think that these are the kinds of people who are much more likely to get work done for the wrong reasons.

      Many gorgeous celebrities have what I'm sure they perceive to be thin lips. I'm sure that Leslie Ash saw all the pouty models in fashion magazines and therefore assumed that pouty lips are the most attractive, hence she started to abuse Collagen. A big part of the issue stems from the fact that many people have a hard time grasping that, yes while big pouty lips might be attractive on some, they're not attractive on everybody. Her face looked wonderful with the lips that she was born with. I think the reason that Sharon Osbourne gets away with cosmetic surgery is because, well, she was more average in looks before. Again, that's not to say that highly attractive people cannot go for plastic surgery without looking unnatural when they step out of the office, just that being more attractive makes it easier to see tiny flaws, I believe. Not to mention the media's influence on celebrities.

    • cosmeticharmony profile image

      cosmeticharmony 8 years ago from Colombia

      Its really sad to see that in some cases surgeries makes a person ugly instead of improving it looks . One could not determine the exact result after surgery

    • moonbun profile image

      Luna Fae 8 years ago from UK

      To look younger / change their appearance. Though I think anyone considering it should think long and hard about cosmetic surgery after seeing some of the results.

      Thanks for the comment celfan :)

    • profile image

      celfan 8 years ago

      To sad. They were really beautiful, why they do it!!???(((

    • moonbun profile image

      Luna Fae 9 years ago from UK

      Thanks for the comment Clara :)

    • Clara Ghomes profile image

      Clara Ghomes 9 years ago

      They look really different --- i mean after some time became ugly and worse.

      I think there is no bad surgery and good surgery. All are same!

      I love natural ... the way i am