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Sexy Deeksha Seth Photo Gallery

Updated on July 11, 2010
Deeksha seth sexy pic
Deeksha seth sexy pic

Deeksha Seth bio

 Punjabi beauty Deeksha Seth shot to fame with the mega hit movie blockbuster "Vedam" and the latest hot news is that she is willing and love to do glamarous roles to set her star status in the South Indian film industry. Deeksha Seth had openly announced her interest in wearing bikini clothes in upcoming movies. We are sure that producers and directors are taking note of this and are preparing a script to best bring out the talent hidden inside Deeksha Seth. Sexy Deeksha Seth photo Gallery shows the beautiful actress in saree and it is transparent showing her exercise toned physique.

Deeksha Seth photo gallery

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 More than doing just glamorous roles, sexy Deepksha Seth will be doing in her new venture 'Mirapakaaya'  alongside Ravi Teja. Deeksha has also given desire to do a scene in a bikini scene if the script demands and plans to attain stardom like Nayantara and Anushka did in the movie "Billa". Namitha has worn bikini and swimsuit to reach the masses too. Deeksha Seth's sexy photo gallery will then include many of her bikini pictures from her upcoming movies and photoshoots.

Deeksha Seth was the Miss Fresh Face of the Year in Miss India 2009.  Deeksha Seth who made a brief appearance in Vedam gives credit to her director Krish and co-star Allu Arjun for making her role possible in Vedam. All the characters in the film Vedam have turned out beautifully but the best has to be Cable Raju, played by Bunny. Anushka played the role of Saroja and it is critically acclaimed.

Another actress who is willing to do bikini scenes in a movie if script demands is the sexy Sneha who is popular for her traditional family roles. Actress Sneha is all set to experiment with different roles in the industry.The soft spoken actress Sneha, who’s famous for her girl-next-door image in movies like Anandham, Parthiban Kanavu and Pirivom Sandhippom, turned glamorous recently. Sneha has been on a crash diet and has become very thin. Perhaps she is getting ready to wear a two- piece bikini act in one of the upcoming movies.

Deeksha Seth interview

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    • profile image

      5 years ago

      deeksha seth dengalani undhi deeksha nu raviteja gadu baga dengadu ddani guddanu chala sarlu nakadu

    • profile image

      sathyam 5 years ago

      i love deeksha aeth

    • profile image

      sudhircena 6 years ago

      u are so beautiful my favorite actress is u deeksha

    • profile image

      Sandeep 6 years ago

      I love you

    • profile image

      npradeep goud 7 years ago

      i love you i missyou

    • profile image

      D.s. Pathania 7 years ago

      I like you

    • profile image

      RAJ 7 years ago

      She is very charming and with cool eyes

    • profile image

      snehal 7 years ago

      i like you

    • profile image

      click 7 years ago

      simply awesome...but silk is always the best... for Silk smitha Fans association

    • nikitha p profile image

      nikitha p 7 years ago from India

      Wow beautiful as usual I liked it.

    • profile image

      tripurari 7 years ago

      kaitrina is one of the best actres in wolywood

    • profile image

      Raja 7 years ago

      u r so swt & very very very very hot