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Sexy Pictures of PanJabi Actress Deepshikha

Updated on December 10, 2010

Deepshikha is another famous Bollywood actress who are very popular in 90s decade of Bollywood cinema. Deepshikha was born on 27 January 1977 and she is very famous in Punjabi films, especially of Gurdaas Maan. She has also appeared in music videos, Tamil films and Bollywood films.She is very young and very beautiful actress who is having great future in South Indian and north Indian cinema. I hope one day she will achieve the international cinema like Aishwariya Rai does. She has more capacity to perform innocent and romantic role because of her beautiful baby face. She has very good talents in performing more romantic roles rather than glamor. She is actually very lovely and romantic actress most of these kind of actress are having great future than glamour actress.

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      Pargat 6 years ago

      I love you my frirnd

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      harvinder sweety 7 years ago

      u r so sexy i love u deep