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Sexy Pretty Indian Beauty Shriya Saran—the South Indian Desi Girl—Photos and Video Gallery

Updated on July 4, 2015

Shriya Saran - Intro

Shriya Saran was born on September 11, 1982. Shriya (also known as Shreya) is an Indian film actress, model, and host. She has appeared in films from several Indian regions, including several Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi films, as well as a few films in English, Malayalam, and Kannada. After her 2001 debut in Ishtam, she received her first commercial success. Just the next year, she played the role of Bhanu in the Telugu film Santhosham. After that, she appeared in several Telugu films with prominent actors while also making in-roads to Bollywood (the Hindi film industry) and the Tamil film industry.

Sexy Shriya
Sexy Shriya
Shriya is an actress and model with millions of fans across India.
Shriya is an actress and model with millions of fans across India.

Controversy Over Shriya's Clothing

On January 11, 2008, a Hindu organisation in Chennai lodged a police complaint against Shriya objecting to an outfit she wore during the 175th day celebration of her film, Sivaji - The Boss. In the complaint, the Hindu Makkal Katchi (HMK) alleged that Shriya's outfit had "offended Hindu culture." Shriya publicly apologised to the Tamil and Hindu public, stating that her clothing choice was a mistake and that she had "great respect for the tradition and culture of Tamil Nadu."

Shriya Is an Ambassador for Indian Products

Shriya is the brand ambassador for several stores as well as prominent beauty and health products across India. She has spoken on behalf of noted charity organisations and recently pledged to open a spa for the visually challenged.

Sexy Shriya Photo Shoot Video

More Photos of Lovely Shriya Saran

Sexy in pink
Sexy in pink


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    • profile image

      ashok 3 years ago

      you good looking.

    • profile image

      ajay 6 years ago

      i just want to have sex with u.what a beauty u r.u r so spicy.

    • profile image

      sai ram shreya 6 years ago

      abbbbba shreya darling em andam ra needi nenu mogavadinani naku gurthu chesindi nuve ra nenu 7th clz lo unapudu daily na kalloki vachi nuv peddodivi ayav ra da nanu dengu ra nee kosam wait chestuna ani cheppi roju oka lipkisss ichedanivi ra neekem ra nuv ichi vellipoyav kani nenu appatinundi nee kosame chustuna roju kalloki vastav kani nuv naku kavali ra ninu vidichi nenu undalenu ra innirojulu nee images chustu kallalu kantu gadipanu gani ika nenu wait cheyalenu ra da manam pelli chesukundam ra ninnu chala baga e kastam rakunda chusukunta ra mana honeymoon matram nenu nee gurinchi eni years wait chesano ani months veldam ra ante ippatiki 12years ayindi nenu wait chesi ante 1year ra manam iddaram matrame 1year fullga enjoy cheddam evariki kanipiyakundadhu 1year mottam manam bed roomlone ra nuv oka pani kuda cheyodhu ra ani panulu nene chestanu ra kani nenu matram roju 24 hrs nee body lo edo okati korukuthu nakuthu pisukuthu enjoy chesta ra roju kaneesam2 times ana neepooku nakutha ra kaneesam 10 hrs ana nee pedalukorkuthanu ra I LUV SOOO MUCH darling


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