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Sexy Priyamani Exclusive Interview & Hot Photo Gallery

Updated on September 23, 2010

For almost three years since 2004 success eluded this talented aetress Priya Vasudev Mani Iyer better  known as Priyamani. However, she is not the type who would give up. Paruthiveeran happened and she shot to fame overnight, winning the National Award for her excellent performance in the movie. As one critic saidl "I couid feel the slap that she got from her father in the film. That speaks of her performance”.

It has been a long journey for this diva since her first Tamil movie Kangalaal Kaidhu Sei. After four years, hit after hit came her way in Telugu, Kannada and Tamil. Now she is preparing for a career in Bollywood. We caught up with her to steal this chat:

You're Vidya Balan's cousin?

First cousin! We don't meet as often as our parents do. I'm very proud that she's family, and I wish her a great career.

What's it like to live in Chennai after Bangalore?

Oh, I haven't moved. Still based in Bangalore.

Which college did you go to?

Bishop Callan Women's Christian College.

 What's your favorite thing to do in Bangalore?

Hang out with friends. Catch up with family. Listen to music.

What kind?

I love melodies. Just give me a good, strong melody in any language and I'm a sucker for it.

Favorite actors?

I have just two - and they are my idols. Since I was a kid, I've kept these two as a benchmark for acting. Kamal and Sridevi - and together! Not just on their own. For me they are the most talented screen pair in cinema. No one can beat  them. Look, I'm not someone interested in stars because they are stars. The question for me is: How taiented are they? I'd never care for Tom Cruise or Brat Pill - I get put off by them. My heroes would be Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson, Dustin Hoffman, AI Pacino, Morgan Freeman ... stars who are stellar actors.

Any serious relationships?

Nothing yet. I'm holding off. Focusing on work. But yes, I'd like to find love. Like everyone else.

In spite of winning a National Award through Tamil industry you don't seem to be busy here?

It's not like I don't have the roles presently; it is just that I am doing projects that I like and I am doing some Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi at preesent.

What are your strengths as an actress?

I am punctual; and loyal to the character I play. I get into the character well. I search for my negatives in the movie when I watch them and correct the mistakes.

An award early in your career be wonderful. Tell us about one difficult scene in 'Paruthiveeran

It was not just one scene that I had ork hard on. The entire film called for hard work. We all had to sweat it  out in situations where there was no shadee, shooting in the open fields.  Director Ameer wanted us to get that look.

How did Paruthiveeran happen?

I was on way to my home in Bangalore when I got this call from Ameer sir's office asking me to accompany  them to Theni for a photo shoot. I was not aware of the story line, and even after the photo did not know that I was in the was in Ooty for the shooting of “Madhu”' when my friends from called me up to say that I was in Paruthiveeran. Of course I was happy.

Do tell us about a few memorable during the shoot of “Paruthiveeran”

Thew entire film was hard work. The shooting of the film commenced with the song sequenceof “layyayo”. This is a film that will remain close to the hearts of all the members of theteam.

How was it working with Ameer?

He is a fantastic director to work with and a perfectionist. When he visualizes a scene, he goes for several takes and retakes till he gets the right one. This was my first film, where I dubbed for myself. I had to speak Madurai slang and Ameer sir guided me throughout, standing next to me and correcting my mistakes.

How was it working with Karthik?

 He is an amazing co-star and I felt comfortable working with him. His dedication is remarkable. If Ameer sir asked him to run for an hour in order to get the tired look, Karthik would do just that. When I saw the film on screen, I was taken aback by his performance. Effortlessly he had executed every scene, be it comedy or a heavy one.

Are you open to more commercial role owing to the fact that you were seen in bikini in Orona, the Telugu movie?

It is clear that the movie produced should show some output on the screen and there is nothing wrong in doing such roles.

Being glam seems to be the In-thing. You came under quite a bit of flak for your makeover in Orona particularly in the bikini. What made you, a national award-winner, do it?

See, just because I won a National award doesn't mean I have to restrict myself to performance-based roles. Drona is a commercial film and it was at the insistence of the director that I agreed for the song shot in the swimming pool. As far as I know I've not seen girls wearing saris and salwars to go swimming. I thought when it is in the swimming pool, it is apt to wear a swimming costume. Basically I was a little hesitant in the beginning; I did tell the director that I was sort of 'not very comfortable'. But he was sure that it would come out well, suitable and stylish. They told me they wanted to show me in a completely different way. Something which the Telugu audience hadn't seen at all. I thought okay, why not? It will be a welcome change, let's see the reaction of the audience in theatres. Some people liked it, some people didn't. To each his own.

How was the experience of working with Mani Ratnam in Ravanan?

Oh, it was fabulous. Mani Sir is an institution by himself. It was really great because the 25 days I shot for him was really good and i got to learn Mani Sir's style of acting. All the time he says he doesn't want the regular 'film' acting, he wants the real one. Like in a given situation, how would you react? He always says, "Do not follow the words, and let the words follow what you are trying to say. Say what you want to say, not necessarily follow what is being written, say it as casually and comfortably as possible". I think that was a very valuable advice I got from Mani Sir.

What about your opportunities in Bollywood?

I felt happy when I was appreciated on the sets of Ravan by Abishek, Ajay, and Pankaj. I can't speak about the opportunities prior to the release of the movie but I am expecting few projects.

How has the journey been so far?

All I can say is slow and steady wins the race, I believe in climbing the ladder one step at a time.

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