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Sexy Tamil Actress Ileana became Choosy Ileana

Updated on September 29, 2010

Hit or miss, the show must go on. The producers bring the money, the directors, the story, and the actors do their part. What makes a movie a big hit or a flop, no one knows. "You just can't predict the way a movie would do at the box-office. I give my best and keep my fingers crossed," says Ileana, who sure s one of the most sought after heroines n Tollywood. It is not that all her movies hit it big, but there is something pleasingly seductive about this diva. I am totally a director's actress. However, I have become a bit choosy these days. Apart from the money we make, it is the appreciation and identity that we get that keep us going. I don't want to take risks. That is why I have said 'no' to several Bollywood offers. Ileana is now working with Junior NTR in a Telugu flick Shakti and with Vikram in a yet to be named Tamil film. With just these two films, she has a lot of time on hand. She has decided to go on a vacation to her native, Goa. It is a long vacation, mind you, two months! Can Ileana stay away from the footlights for such a long time?

Kamal on the comedy track again!

So guys, Kamal is back doing a comedy flick again! When was it we saw him in such a role? Panchantantram? Vasool Raja, MBBS? Yeah, you've got it right Vasool Raja. When Kamal makes a comedy movie, he is serious. Kamal agrees with Charlie Chaplin that comedy is a serious affair. A lot of homework help of friends such as Crazy Mohan, an extraordinary sense of timing and above all, a heroine to gel with the role that he would play. Dasavataram and Unnai Pol Oruvan were serious flicks, and maybe, Kamal wants a reprieve from movies of such genre. So let's wait and watch the type of comedy yarn that Kamal is going to spin.

Siddarth - To work again with Director Shankar

Guessing from what is happening, Shankar's Rajinikanth starrer Robot is nearing completion. The auteur is now working on the story for his next film. It is not going to be heavy stuff. A light movie with boys, once again, in the lead roles. And guess who is angling for in the lead role? Siddarth! But the guy is not a boy any longer. Let us wait and see what kind of boys has Shankar got in his mind for his next flick.


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