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Sexy Tamil Item Song (Kuttu ) Actress Mumaith Khan

Updated on December 1, 2010

Mumtai Khan is hot Item song actress in Indian cinema and she is more famous in South Indian films specially Tamil and Telugu films.She has very good figure I think she will do proper dieting and weight loss program to keep her body maintained .Tamil item songs are the most famous of all of Item song's and it has great history. Most of Tamil peoples are having good glamor sense so in most of Tamil films there are one or two item songs .There are so many Item song actress in present like Ragaseya, Priya, Mumtai khan, Kausha and more .The most famous vintage item song dancers are Jayamalani , Jayalalaitha, Jayasuda, Jayabarathi, Joythilakshimi, Anusha and more .I think She has very good future in this specific field and I hope she will be the best and number one Item song dancer in whole India.

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    • profile image

      bangaram 7 years ago

      so good

    • profile image

      krishna 8 years ago

      she is hot wanaa

    • Bits-n-Pieces profile image

      Bits-n-Pieces 8 years ago

      Smoking sexyness!

    • profile image

      Ranimol 8 years ago

      Really sexy actress