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Shahrukh Khan - A Biography You Would Like To Read

Updated on November 8, 2011

It is human nature to want to know about a person whom we admire. To fulfil this desire, one wants to depend on authentic sources which have approval of the person about whom one wants to know. I want to read biography of bollywood film actor Shahrukh Khan.

I have read a lot about him from various sources, be it newspaper, magazines, or Internet. I have also seen a series of documentary on him on Travel and Living channel. What interests me most in him is his college life in University of Delhi, his struggle in Mandi House where he took acting classes, and finally in Bollywood. It would be really exciting to know how a student of Economics and Journalism saw a dream to become an actor and once he got the opportunity, how he used it to become the King of Bollywood. The kind of confidence and smartness he carries is exceptional.

In his initial days in Mumbai, he ran from one production house to another in search of work. He faced all the rejections and humiliations that come naturally to struggling actors. He slept empty stomach and lived at the expense of his friends, but his diehard attitude, restless approach, and desire to do what he always wanted to do gave him courage and strength to survive all this. When he had gone to meet Gauri’s parents, in his introduction to them the only thing he had to say was that he is looking for some job. I do not know how many of us will have this confidence in us to say this in front of our would-be in-laws. I always feel that Shahrukh has something extra in him which rest of the people do not have.

Sharukh is ruling the industry for last 20 years, but still no news of his engaging in any extramarital affair has ever come to media. We live in a time where media can make a mountain out of a mole, especially about film stars, but no such news about Shahrukh shows his strong character. Despite all the success, wealth, and recognition he is still down to earth and stays in touch with his relatives. Last year, when his father-in-law got hospitalized in Delhi, he came to Delhi directly form Argentina where he was shooting for the movie Zor Ka Jhatka. This shows his dedication to his relatives. Now with the success of his latest movie Ra.One, Shahrukh Khan is all set to become the king of three-dimensional movies in India because he is the first person who has brought back the lost craze of 3D here. I personally admire him and so I want to read his biography. I feel going through his biography will bring me additional information about him. If you find a true biography on this famous celebrity on the Internet, please post a link in the comment box below.


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    • profile image

      bharat KHANNA 5 years ago




    • arunii profile image

      arunii 6 years ago from Delhi is the worst movie of Shahrukh khan in recent times but lots of hope from don 2

    • dinkan53 profile image

      dinkan53 6 years ago from India

      Oh! he is simply super, heard about his awesome performance in and anxiously waiting for the release of music and movie "Don 2"