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Shale Wagman

Updated on February 11, 2018
Dancer Shale Wagman, 11, performs the "Toreador Song" solo from the ballet Carmen on the March 18 episode of Canada's Got Talent. Rogers Media
Dancer Shale Wagman, 11, performs the "Toreador Song" solo from the ballet Carmen on the March 18 episode of Canada's Got Talent. Rogers Media | Source

Is Shale Wagman the next YouTube Sensation?

Or Is He Going To Be The Next Phenomenon From Canada's Group of Talent?

Shale Wagman, was 9 years old when shown in the videos below and just may be the next sensation to be discovered. Dancing since he was 5, Shale has put remarkable efforts and passion into his dancing and is now on his way and becoming recognised. (As seen on the Maxwell House Commercial.) The Commercial can be viewed here.

With the hopes someday of becoming a dance instructor and opening up a studio of his own. He would pass on his skills teaching the younger generation how to dance. Great idea since Shale has already proven quite effectively that he can dance.

The Art of Dance

The Art of Dance is now more recognised today than ever. This is partially noted by the amount of dance shows airing on TV. The history of dance stems back to ancient cultures and has many different forms and styles. Some styles today are being mimmicked  in tasteful ways and are seemingly accepted while being  enjoyed by many.

Shale Wagman on Canada's Got Talent.

Even though this hub originated back in May / 11, Shale Wagman on Canada's Got Talent really caught my attention. While watching the show Sunday April 16 2012, staff members other onlookers, and myself Phil Dapple were among the audience at home watching Shale's performance. When I noticed that one of the judges had a tear in her eye I looked around at the people in the office and over half of them had tears in their eyes. I thought to myself that if the judge and everyone else had a tear in their eyes then probably a lot of other Canadians did also. I think that it's pretty obvious that Shale's talents have made a huge impact on us and now is in the hearts of many Canadians.


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    • Phil Dapple profile image

      Phil Dapple 5 years ago from Ontario,Canada

      Yes Penelope Boyse, that's what I thaught.

      Amazing talent and creative. I have a feeling we'll see alot of this guy. Thanks for stopping by.

    • profile image

      Penelope Boyse 6 years ago


      ONE IN A MILLION! :o)X