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Shanna/ shana Bukhari / bukhori UK british muslim model aims for miss universe

Updated on September 10, 2011

Shanna Bukhari breaking new ground

Shanna Bukhari is a breath of fresh air in our English Multi cultural society because Shanna is using her beauty in an attempt to become the first Muslim woman from the UK to represent the Nation in the Miss Universe finals to be held in September 2011 later this year. First though Shanna has to compete in the UK finals being held in May which she qualified for by winning the Miss Universe Asiana which is a beauty contest for women living in Great Britain of Asian decent.

While Shanna Bukhari has the backing of her friends and most importantly her family she has come up against some opposition because Islam doesn't allow woman to be seen in such away.

Well good luck to Shanna i hope she does realise her dream and represent the UK in the finals and i am sure it will make huge steps in showing that although Shanna is a Muslim she is also British and as so enjoys the freedom that that brings. Now that's not too say that all Muslim woman should suddenly start wearing makeup and walking around in swim wear but what it means is quite simply if that is what you want to do then you can do so freely in the UK and not have to worry about the possible consequences that might bring.

I am also of the view that the type of people to oppose Shanna would be the type to think its ok to stand in a public place and recite hate messages and wage war on the Country they are allowed to stand up in and have the freedom to say these things, but of course there is a massive difference Shanna Bukhari is using her rights of freedom to promote herself, her beauty and intelligence as well as her Muslim religion in a positive way and should only be applauded for standing up looking great and realising that its not in anyway demeaning to woman or disrespectful for her religion or culture, and with all the fighting and unrest in the world at present isn't it great to have a great story like this that brings us all a breath of fresh air.

Shanna Bukhari is a great reflection on the multicultural society we live in in the UK today and it would be great to see her represent the UK and even better go on and win Miss Universe after all it would make headline news across the world as it did when Vanessa Williams became the first Miss Black America, it would be nice and maybe wishful thinking that a Beauty contest could help break culteral divides that unfortunately still exist today


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    • profile image

      flower 2222 6 years ago

      All i want to say is this is a disgrase against all muslims.Hope you rott in hell, and hope she looses the contest.

    • profile image

      Ayeesha 6 years ago

      You do not have to be someone shouting about global jihad to know that Shanna's behaviour is totally against Islam. Her choice BUT she is also urging other Muslim women to do the same. This means she is urging Muslim females to behave unIslamically

      Her deceit is dissected here: