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Shark Tank Games2U, Hydromax, A Reel EcoMower, Carsik Bib and A Party Thrower Fund Raisers Dream

Updated on April 1, 2012

If you want to throw a party or have a fund raiser that will set you apart from any other beyond comprehension or have a child that plays football and you want to help ensure his and the teams safety, this episode will do the trick. Throw in the carsik bib and a reel/ecomower it is a controversial yet extremely funny episode and is by far my favorite from both seasons. (With the OneSole shoe episode a pretty close second). But hey I admit it I am an overgrown, way over aged kid at heart and Ubot (you'll see) is just flat out bad to the bone.

ABC has brought out the big ones for this show and I can't wait until next season. I think they should send me sneak previews of all the new episodes. Like that will happen, hey a girl can dream. Well on with the show or recap at least.

First in the Tank The Carsik Bib

Les Cookson is first to face off with the sharks looking for a $30,000 investment for 15% of the company. OK first let me say I hope your not having dinner while watching the show (just kidding) Nobody gets sick but he makes it look like it He has a car seat with a dummy head which he pours pea soup and corn in and it comes out of the mouth as if the child had just gotten sick. Yuccck.

He then goes on to explain that 58% of children get carsick. That's a lot of kids He talks about how it's like driving around with a ticking time bomb and after the explosion you just want to throw their cloths away and not touch anything.

When he puts the bib on the sharks start laughing as Robert states, "It's a bib" Then Kevin comes up with "It's a feed bag too" Sorry Les no offense but it does look like a feed bag for a horse. Then when he pours more soup down the head the sharks are hysterical.

Les continues his presentation by explaining there is a pad in the pouch that absorbs liquid and reduces odor. You then find a safe place to pull over remove the bag, pull the bottom up zip it shut and throw it away. Daymond wants to see it and Kevin wants to know how much it costs to make, which is 19 cents including the pad at the bottom. When Kevin pulls the pad out they all start laughing again and want to know if it's a multi purpose product Les lets them know he makes them right now himself and has sold 160 of them in a small market. He has invested $1300.

Jeff tells him he has a hard time listening to him while he's standing in vomit. Daymond tells him he could not invest 30k in this and he is out. Kevin tells him if he gave him 30k he would throw up, it wouldn't look good in his portfolio.and he's out Jeff is worried about the liability issue with a child you can't get to and something tied around it's neck and is out. Robert is also worried about a child that he can't get to with plastic around it's neck and is out. Barbara has a 5 yr old and can't imagine something like this around her neck and is out.

As Les walks out Kevin states, "Now we've seen everything." Little does he know what's ahead on this very episode.


Hydromax is Next and if You Have a Child That Plays Football Please Consider This

Chris Spencer steps into the tank next the owner and designer of Hydromax which he developed to help save childrens lives while playing sports, mainly football He is looking for a $50,000 dollar investment for a 25% stake in the company.

He starts his presentation by explaining there are 14 million kids playing football today and some are dying from lack of hydration and the ability to get water when they need it.The Hydromax hydration system attaches to any set of shoulder pads and allows the child to get water whether he's on the bench or in between plays on the field. Chris has been an athlete for years and you can tell he has a passion for this product like nothing else He also has his little buddy Ethan with him who is all dressed out in his football uniform and way to cute.

Barbara wants to know what it sells for and how much to manufacture. The product sells for $49.99 and it cost $8.50 to manufacture it. He did $100,000 in sales in 2007 and then went into corporate America when he married his wife. Barbara wants to know whats changed that he can do this now along with Kevin so he can sit at home and eat Bon Bons collecting money. Chris would like to find a distribution deal to make the money and ease back into it.

Kevin states he would love to save children but the challenge with his business is more than he can take on and is out. Daymond tells him the evaluation of his business is way off at 200k and he's out. Barbara tells him she doesn't have the time or the contacts and is out. Robert is out telling Chris he is going to have to find a way to make the time. It's like you can see his heart ripping apart with every sentence.

Wait there is still hope. Jeff wants to know if this has been used in highschool or junior high games and proven to work. Chris answers quickly "Yes, absolutely" He had college players using it in the 2007 Hula Bowl. What are your expansion plans is the next question. Chris lets him know that at first he want to get it on the kids backs and then maybe camel backs. Jeff lets him know the deal is 50k for 50% Robert wants to know if he's getting out of the comedy business. Jeff explains he's in the idea business and this is a great idea and once one concerned mom or dad gets it for their child the whole team will get it GO JEFF He is so all about kids. I mean he does work for children hospitals, hosts the show Smarter Than A 5th Grader, writes children books. he's definitely is wearing his heart on his sleeve when it comes to kids.

Chris takes the deal and shakes Jeffs hand letting him know he's smarter than a fifth grader. That was just AWESOME and then Chris carries Ethan out of the tank. I think I'm gonna cry. OK let's move along

Update on Body Jac

Last year Cactus Jack struck a deal with Kevin Harrington with his Body Jac push up machine. The update shows Kevin and Jack in Vegas at the biggest infomercial show in the world. Kevin knew when he and Barbara struck the deal they would have the chance to do tens of millions of dollars with an infomercial.

Cactus Jack states he couldn't have done it without Shark Tank and his dreams are coming true.

Chris Humphrey and Ecomowers Turns into Quite an Interesting Presentation

Chris Humphrey and his company Ecomowers is up for grabs next. Chris is looking for a $90,000.00 investment for 20% of the company.

He begins by pointing out all the negative things about a gas mower as they are not eco friendly, are noisy, the blades spinning at over 150mph are dangerous and cause nearly 80 thousand injuries per year. He states the main reason he is there though is because of the pollution they cause being their emissions are not regulated. The amount of pollution of a lawn mower in use for one hour is like driving ten cars. Something else I learned today

Chris then begins to demonstrate his new ecomower and points out all the advantages such as no pollution, pushes easily, blades never need to be sharpened, and how the clippings fall gently back on to the cut grass which naturally fertilizes it. OK up until that point he was doing OK but now seems to have struck a nerve especially with Daymond who states, "I'm lost The grass falls gently behind the mower This is like romancing the truth" He goes on to state there is a whole category of push mowers. Robert wants to know how big that market is.and asking Daymond if he wants to know why Chris isn't comparing it to the push mowers. Chris has already stated that the reason his mower is different than our grandfathers old mower is there is no friction and the blades don't need sharpening. Then Robert gets everybody to basically agree it's a branding play.

Chris then begins to tell the sharks how he started an online business store so he could make money right away and has sound $350,000 this year of the old push mowers. Kevin points out his competing product. Now as Robert points out he has sold 350k of the traditional push mowers but none of his mower. Chris lets them know that is correct and his mower is just a prototype Kevin wants to know why he doesn't just go brand someone elses mower made in China and Robert wants to know what's stopping the other guys from branding their mowers, The Green Mower or Baby Seal Mower.

Now Daymond tells the sharks he's going to start a company called Green Mowers and he knows a guy in the hood that for $450,000 will sharpen every bodies mower for the rest of his life. Now everyone is cracking up. . Uhoh now Chris is on the defensive stating "I didn't think we were coming in here to joke" Robert tells him his presentation was a joke with all due respect. How does that work? Yep he just told him his presentation was a joke but added the with all due respect which really almost made it sound pleasant. I'll have to remember that one

Daymond is out. Now Chris begins to tell the sharks how most consumers by the mower because of the 400 calories you burn. Wait I thought it was because of the eco friendliness. Robert is out because the presentation should have been about the brand. Barbara is out because she doesn't have that much confidence in the brand and the competition. Kevin thinks he has proven himself as an online retailer but now want to be a manufacturer and states he is confused and out. Jeff begins to give him some positive feedback like the name and he thinks more people will start using them.but he hasn't sold any and is out

Chris then asks for feedback, but when he gets it tells the sharks "I dont care if you guys aren't eco people" which was just wrong. If he didn't want constructive feedback he shouldn't have asked. All the sharks are no,no no I can't believe you went there, and Robert gives him one last piece of advice "Don't insult the people your asking to get money from" Whew I'm glad that's over.

OK This is It Games2U Party Throwers Fund Raisers Team Builders This Ones For You

With a grand entrance that is a show stopper brothers Stuart and David Pikoff co-founders of Games2U are arriving in the tank with Ubot. Well David is actually inside the robot. This gigantic robot enters the tank making noises, with fog surrounding it, lighting up like something out of a scifi movie and then shooting foam balls

Reactions were "I'm sold" by Daymond, "That's coll" states Robert, and Kevin is "Wow." They are seeking a $500,000 investment for 10% equity in the company. Games2U is the first and only nationally known franchise mobile entertainment of it's kind. They have specialized vehicles with 4D video games and entertainment, booger wars. human hamster balls, laser tag, along with numerous other over the top games and activities, They have 140 franchises sold in 28 states doing 2000 parties and events every month. They don't even finish asking if someone wants to take a spin in the Ubot before Robert is volunteering. That thing is just so awesome if I had the money I would just buy one. I don't think I've ever seen the sharks in such awe.

Jeff wants to know how much it costs which for a typical birthday party is 300 to $400. and special events such as corporate team building will normally run up to about $2000. That's not bad for a birthday party shoot you can spend a couple hundred on just a bounce house.

OK here we go Kevin wants to know how they value the company at 5 million dollars. Last year they did 3.5 million and are up this year 65%. The greatest part about it is all of these games and products were things they invented and patented which Daymond had questioned if they owned part of the company did that include the patents, which it does. They are constantly inventing new products which helps make their franchisees wildly successful as David put it. The three and a half million was their sales alone.

Franchisees get a protected territory, a specialized vehicle, and a vast array of equipment. Kevin wants to know the more about the franchise agreement. The franchisee pays approximately $150,000 in the beginning and a 6% royalty per month at a minimum of $1,000.

Kevin's back to the money. They net 125k last year and he doesn't see how they can expect him to value the company at 5 mill when they only made 125k. Stuart and David are looking more at the ability to expand the company which they could with stand right now 5 to 10 times. Robert, Kevin and Daymond are all in agreement that it is a great business they just can't get over the number. As Daymond tells them they are looking for a strategic partner but now want to overcharge us and put us to work.

Daymond can't get over forking out half a million and then having to go to work and is out. Barbara thinks that having to constantly be producing new products will be costly and is out. Jeff admires them but thinks forking out $400 for a birthday party when people are struggling to pay their mortgage is to much and it would take to long to get his money back and is out. Robert is out because they have to continually invest in new products and can't get the money back from the franchisees.

Kevin makes what he calls a realistic offer valuing the company at one million and will give them 500k for 51%. The brothers go talk about it and counter but the answer is no.

You can watch the actual negotiotions on the first video and take a peek at just a few of the many things they have to offer in the other videos. I am in love with the Ubot and the human hamster ball. Even though I would probably break my neck in the hamster ball it looks like to much fun to say no. You can also visit their website by clicking on the highlighted Games2U

You can tell Kevin (even if I do call him the devil) is just a big kid at heart too, because as soon as David and Stuart were gone into the Ubot he went to play.

You can watch this episode in it's entirety on Friday night at 8pm on ABC, or catch it later on ABC or Hulu .com Warning if you have a minute bit of childlike behavior in your blood you will be saying your going to bring Games2U out for the kids or a fund raiser but you know who it is really for.

Take care and make it an incredible day.



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