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Shark Tank Seas 3 Wk 3 Play Guitar Instantly Paper Soap and Liguid Money Incredible

Updated on June 7, 2012

Definitely a Wow Factor Episode

Learning to play the guitar instantly with Chord Buddy, You Smell paper soap, perfume from Liquid Money, and an update on shrimp burgers (shocking results), plus Tail Lightz for your back end not your car, makes this episode a slam dunk favorite for this season.

You Just Gotta Love This Guy

Travis Perry is first up in the tank with his invention of the Chord Buddy. He developed this company and product for his daughter who was getting frustrated learning how to play the guitar He is looking for a $125,000 investment for a 10% stake in the company.

OK first off he's from Dothan Alabama so I love to just listen to him talk. Second his love of music and his kids is so incredible it exudes from his body and every word. Then if that wasn't enough he is really funny. To top it off he thinks the best part of the product is that it allows him to give something back and started by making sure Chord Buddy was made in the good old USA in his hometown.

Alright back to the product. It literally has different colored buttons that you press which are attached to the guitar that play the chord for you (watch the video to see just how easy it is or check out the website). As you progress into the two month learning system you take the buttons off one by one as you learn the chords. He did $150,000 in sales the first month and has done over 500k since he started. Robert (shark/wanna be rock star who got frustrated with lessons) gets up and they are literally playing and singing together in seconds.

When asked what his inspiration was to create the product and he tells the story of his 8 yr old daughter wanting to give up lessons asking him to make her something to help, I literally had tears in my eyes and I don't even cry at movies.

Of course Kevin (he's the devil I tell you not Mr Wonderful) wants to know why he doesn't have them made in China cheaper. Travis along with Mark and Robert get a little unnerved and let him know not only does it make him feel good, but it is the right thing to do. Kevin goes on to offer him $125,000 for 20% and he will personally endorse the product. He will even let him put a picture of him on the labels. HA! Then when they start talking about how well known Kevin is in southern L.A., (lower Alabama) and how vain he is, the offers start to flow.

Daymond matches Kevins offer and will have a celebrity endorsement, (now the digs are really flying). Mark is not sure that with Travis having 3 kids he will be able to go on the road and is out. Barbara tells him he needs an infomercial so he can get his face out there because everybody will love him, and offers the same 125k but with an extra 50 for an infomercial. Robert offers the same 125k and they are all arguing over what Travis needs.

When Robert talks about how he wants to be a rock star for his daughter, Travis asks him to set aside the extra 50k for the infomercial (which of course Robert agrees too) and the deal is done. They walk out of the tank arm and arm talking about being rock stars and millionaires.

I've gotta say I have purchased several guitars and tried the DIY lessons and teachers, neither of which worked. This is a product that is definitely gonna hit it out of the ball park Good luck guys (not that you'll need it) and I can't wait for next seasons update.

Drool Factor Start Line


Update on CBS Foods and Shrimp Burgers

Last season one of my favorite products and presenters was Shawn Davis, (aka Chef Big Shake) and the infamous shrimp burger, along with lobster sliders and other seafood products, (check out my review). He didn't get a deal (Daymond was close) but wait til you hear this.

When he got home along with the thousands of calls and encouragement CBS Foods ended up with a larger investor than he had asked for on the show Before the show they had done around $30,000 in business and this year they will do over 500 MILLION (That's not a typo). Shrimp burgers and some of his other products will be in over 2000 stores.

He says he owes his business and his life to Shark Tank. Come on seriously with those numbers can you blame him.


Liquid Money is Making Quite an Entrance

Pat McCarthy comes walking into the tank with two beautiful models who appear to be throwing around money. The guys eyes are already lighting up and they're making it known they like what they see. Pat is the developer of Liquid Money which is a perfume for men and women which smells like money. The packaging is awesome and consists of real shredded money he purchases from the treasury dept, (who knew ??). He is looking for a 100k investment for 5%.

The perfumes are actually made of cotton, linen, and silk just like real money and he has 52k in sales year to date.

The sharks are kind of in awe when they find out that there was not already a patent on the name which Pat has now achieved. They do make him aware of the fact it is a highly competitive market and extremely difficult to get into retail stores without $$$$$.

Mark is the first to comment on the billion dollar market and is out, along with Kevin who loves money and the fragrance but is also out. Barbara gets new money from the bank pretty often, smells it frequently and she doesn't think the fragrance even smells like real money and is out. Robert is also out leaving Daymond who makes an offer of 100 thousand for 80% and makes no bones about the fact that 75% of fragrances are sold duty free (again who knew) but likes the idea of licensing. After thinking about it for a little while and trying to get Daymond to come down on the percentage he rejects the offer.

I think the concept is great, but can honestly say I don't know that I would want to smell like money. Good Luck and who knows.

Next is a Short Lived Swim in the Tank

Kyle Rainy is the creator of Tail Lightz and is looking for a $50,000 investment for 50% of the company. When Kyle enters the tank with two young ladies (one of which is his niece) he explains how the lighted designs can go on the back pocket of your jeans, back packs, etc. and before you know it they all have their back sides facing the sharks and shaking their booty.

When Kyle asks whose ready to invest, Barbara quickly replies" I'm ready to be out". She tells him they look painful to sit on and wishes him well but out. Kyle lets the sharks know he wants to make them less bulky, but its not helping. Mark asks one of the girls if she would go on a date with sassy britches lit up on her back end and the answer is no. He later tells Kyle that it doesn't matter how many times you fail, are laughed at, etc, it only takes one idea. He lets him know some of his most profitable investments were things others laughed at. (Good Advice)

Kevin wants to know what he does and then if his wife funds the family. He lets him know he is a stay at home dad and he wants to start making money so she doesn't have to work so hard.

Robert and Daymond have both seen them before and are out

Well that was short and sweet

Paper Soap Who Knew


Last Up You Smell Soaps and Fragrances

Megan Cummins Is diving into the tank with her You Smell paper/bar soaps and fragrances. She is looking for a 55k investment for a 20% stake. At first glance, (as Barbara admits later) Megan is definitely one of those women who could be written off as a blonde bomb shell just looking to make a quick buck But looks can be deceiving as a huge amount of us have learned, especially in sales. She is not only a very attractive women but a college student who redeems herself to be quite intelligent with great work ethics.

The paper soaps and blends of lemons, peaches,and bergamont fragrances along with other spices is probably what caught my attention about this product the most She also references how they have that clean fresh smell, which I always need between the horses and the dogs.

Kevin lets her know it is a highly competitive business and he doesn't smell $$ so he is out. Mark on the other hand lets her know he is a slave driver and wants to know what skills she possesses to make this work. She tells him about how tenacious she is and you don't have to tell her twice to do anything after which he offers her 55k for 20%. Then before he can get out the words,"Do we have a deal?" Barbara interjects, "No, wait just a minute." She lets her know how she almost wrote her off and offers 55k for 40% of the company and a dime a bar.. OK I'm confused one would think if you were trying to get the deal that asking for double the percentage of the company would not be her first choice. Daymond must not of liked that deal because as he stated, "Here comes her blood sucking offer Next is Robert letting everyone know, "I can smell blood," but what you need is a salary so you can pay your bills and concentrate on growing the company. He offers her 55k for 20%, but wait here's the catcher an additional 50k for your first years salary.

She realizes having that salary will allow her to breath and concentrate totally on the company and accepts Roberts offer.

Robert, I gotta say I think you made out like a bandit this show and will see many $$$ many $$$ returns on your investments. Oh yeah and absolutely love Travis, Megan and their products.

Have an incredible, absolutely stupendous day and talk to you soon If you missed any of the shows you can check them out at ABC or Hulu.


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