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Shark Tank Seas 3 Wk 9 Tower Paddle Boards, Instant Body Lifts, Vinamor, Miso Media, and a Readerest Update Already

Updated on March 20, 2012

Paddle Boarding with Tower, a sport rising in the ranks very quickly for numerous reasons, (it even looked like I could do it) and a Readerest update from this season definitely caught my attention The Instant Lifts for your body (for bingo wings as Daymond called them) Vinamor, a new wine aerator, and a guest appearance by Ingrid Michaelson with Miso Media just added some extra bling bling.

Wait Check Out This Recent Addition to Tower an Inflatable Paddle Board

Can You Say Ooops

Stephan Aarstol the owner of Tower Paddle Boards enters the tank, (a self proclaimed geek just so you know) with a blonde beauty in a suit that didn't leave much to the imagination, but put smiles on most of the sharks faces. He is looking for a $150,000 investment for a 10% stake in the company

His presentation starts off pretty smooth talking about how easy and fun it is for all ages and 1 hr of stand up paddle boarding is equal to 8 hrs of surfing (is that possible?? interesting) But then the blunders, pauses that seemed to last for ages start. This is understandable to a point, being on tv asking for 150k but after about the third or fourth time it was just ridiculous Even when prompted with questions from the sharks he was often speechless or had delayed responses that would have made anyone a little leery about investing in his company. He does manage to get in a few good points, such as his boards run about $600 (not the new inflatable ones check out the video they just roll up and no racks!) and others normally run $1100+ and he has done 100k in the last 4 months.

Barbara lets him know right off it was the worst presentation ever and to stick to being a geek. She is the first to be out. Kevin states he can take the 1.5 mill he is evaluating the company at and make Mr. Wonderful boards (he is the devil I'm telling you) Stephan then begins to tell him that he needs him to get to the top of Google. Seriously, are you kidding me? Does he honestly think that he is the only one that can do that? Wow For a lot of my hub buddies (and those that aren't) we all know that's a big line of hmmm BS. Then it starts, Kevin gets the presentation but there's no propriety. Robert loves the product (being a paddler himself) but the eval is crazy and he is out. Kevin now wants to give him 150k for 30% and a 10% royalty wanting to be his banker. Stephan goes on to tell him how he is trying to buy him and you can't buy guys like him (ok have you been in the same room during this presentation) But then Mark sees the potential in growing the company and the ability to flip it offering him 150k for 25% and first right of refusal on other companies. WOW He likes Marks attitude and takes the deal.

Although I love the product, especially now with the new inflatable paddle board, I just don't think that I could be in business with someone who, let's just say appears to have over compensating issues. Hey that's probably why Mark is a multibillionare and I'm not

FYI I checked out the website (click on the highlighted inflatable boards) and the inflatable boards are $899. I thought they would be cheaper Oh well, they are still really cool and a whole lot easier to take places.

Up Next A Readerest Update Already Unbelievavable

Just 8 weeks ago Rick Hopper made a deal with Lori with his Readerest eyeglass holders. They are really pretty sharp looking and the designs are eye catching, but not gaudy ( check out the aquamarine on amazon). If you didn't see the show check out my review.

They have already been on QVC and sold 5,000 sets at 19.83 + shipping.

Pretty impressive if I do say so myself. Now Lori lets him know they have to go make more. Great idea Rick and fabulous investment Lori

Coming Up Instant Lifts, Bingo Wings ???? and a Quickie

Nick and Penelope La Rossa are the next bait dropped in the tank and are the owners of Instant Lift They are looking for a 100k with a 25% stake.

OK if your like me and are going what the heck are bingo wings? According to Daymond they are the lovely wings on the bottom of your upper arm that when you hold your arm up to yell BINGO, the skin just keeps waving. Although I'm sure many of us have known of these wings, (darn it) Bingo Wings was a first for me. Apparently, he got that from his mother. If you have no idea what I'm talking about believe me when I tell you You don't need these!

In 5 months they have sold 75k which sell for 19.95 for 5. Penelope shows a few demonstrations of how they work on the "bingo wings", and before and after pictures of thighs. Pretty impressive results and if they lasted for more than half a day I might consider them, but what happens when people see the real thing. Naaah

Everything would have been great UNTIL the fact came up that they have other products for the face that are not included in this deal. RuutRoow

Mark wants to know how they could possibly manage their time between the different companies and when Penelope states she has her own independent life, it's like the bouncing ball and everyone is OUT.

The Sharks are Chewing Them Up and Spitting Them Out Quick Tonight

Gary DeJohn jumps in the tank next with his company Vinamor and his new wine aerator. He is looking for a $75,000 investment for 30%. Gary is a server and has realized that people don't like the acidity associated with wine, hence why he invented his own aerator.

Well for those of you that are wine drinkers (oh so Kevin) know there is quite a few aerators on the market already but what makes this one different is being able to measure the pour. He explains that marketing/licensing these to restaurants would help them save a ton on pour cost. He invites Kevin up to test the product which is a success. OK it must have worked and been some good wine because Kevin took the glass back to his seat. Gary has sold about a thousand of them and realizes the profits would be greater if it was made from acrylic and not glass which is another reason he needs the sharks

Daymond is out because he doesn't know that much about the market. Barbara states it's just not a market she's willing to invest in. Kevin states the only thing different is the measurement and is out along with Robert But wait Mark tells him he doesn't trust anything that cost over $5 for a bottle of wine. Are you kidding me? Alright I understand your a beer drinker but what do you serve your guests when they come over MD2020? Needless to say he is out. As the sharks stated he was a good guy.

Oh well NEXT

Ingrid Michaelson for Entertainment Miso Media and the Name Dropping Begins

Aviv Grill is last but not least in the tank with his company Miso Media and is looking for a $300,000. investment for 5% this should be good. Aviv explains the company and that they offer a download for I pods etc. that teaches people how to play different instruments like bass, guitar, etc. You don't have to own the instrument or if you do you can use the adapter. The actual download is free and the revenue comes from return customers to buy the sheet music.

He begins a demonstration and when he criticizes himself for not doing so well out comes Ingrid Michaelson who performs Be OK. She is awesome.

The sharks cheer and before you know it Daymonds in, Roberts in when she says she comes with the app, and Kevin is just Wowed.

Then they want to know where the 6 million dollar evaluation is coming from. Aviv quickly lets them know that at the last investment eval when (are you ready?) Justin Timberlake and Google invested they were at 3 million. Wait did he say Google? Yep that's right Google But when they find out the last eval was only 6 months ago Daymond thinks there is something fishy going on here and he thinks Aviv doesn't really want an investment. He also doesn't want to waste his time and is out. Barbara has been burned by the technology business before and is out. Robert offers 300k for 10% and when is turned down, out. Kevin wants to put in 100k with another shark but when Mark offers the 300k for 8% he lets him know they don't need Kevin. Before you can say pumpkin eater they are at 7 and it's a done deal.

Barbara wants to know what just happened and Mark lets her know the undertaker (Kevin) just got buried.

I gotta say I'm with Daymond on this one something just didn't seem right (fishy) about the whole thing. Who knows????

Well have an incredible week and see ya next time


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