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Shark Tank Wk 8 A Cat and Ladies Shoe Lover Dream Come True

Updated on June 12, 2011

No More Litter With Citi Kitty


A Dream Come True for Cat and Lady Shoe Lovers Everywhere

Between CitiKitty, and Onesole shoes this episode of Shark Tank will fulfill the ultimate dream come true for every cat and shoe lover worldwide. Throw in some jewelry and maternity tees and it's a woman's heaven on earth.

Then when you take a look at Mr. Wonderful, don't ask me where he got that nickname but they should have met him first, this episode gets people pretty fired up. He should have been named the devil in disguise I mean if he doesn't want to invest his money in a company and product I'm sure that most of the time he's not the first choice anyway. But to rip someones dreams apart on national television is just cruel. And if that wasn't enough his preoccupation with the words dying and death in this episode really makes you wonder about that man..

Toilet Training Your Cat Made Easy

This product literally would change my mind about having a cat. I mean I love cats, but the thought of adding extra work, especially cleaning out a litter box, just isn't feasible or fair to my other horses, dogs, etc. Besides when you look at the whole cleanliness issue of them walking around in it, then on the furniture, counters, table, etc. this is the perfect solution which Kevin Harrington, (QVC and televisions guru of new products), and Barbara, (real estate tycoon/investor) recognized in a hurry and battled to the end. Barbara actually had put a stipulation on the deal in the beginning and dropped it making it even better, but Kevin with a few counters was still able to seal the deal.

With a demonstration of how the cat is actually trained, it is a very amazing product which can literally have your cat using the toilet instead of the litter box in just a few weeks. How sweet is that?

If You Travel Frequently You Will Love These Shoes


Daymond John Stole the Show With the Investment of the Day

Daymond John, (FuBu clothing line owner worth millions who started selling tie-top hats in Queens) definitely knows what he wants and goes for it. When Dominique the inventor and owner of OneSole shoes came out and demonstrated the shoes and then Barbara tried them on and raved about how comfortable they were, the sharks put on their gloves. Then when Dominique started rattling off sales numbers the heat was on and the sharks were out to win. Having already done millions in business this was definitely a company that all the sharks wanted to get their teeth into but Daymond stole the show with a half a million investment for a lower percentage of the company.

The benefits of these shoes are so incredible and multi faceted that any woman would love to have them and Daymond knew it. When Daymond made his offer wanting no other sharks in the deal it was like WOW.

There are literally over a thousand tops that are interchangeable making the shoes casual for day or dressy enough for a night out. Then being able to pack 10 to 20 pairs of shoes with only the tops and 2 or 3 soles, how can you go wrong.

Wait, I know your probably saying yeah but are they comfortable? Well, lets put it this way Barbara asked after putting them on, if she could wear them for the rest of the show because her feet were killing her.

Daymond all I can say is I understand totally why you cut everybody else out on this deal and this company is the perfect addition to your already profitable companies and investments. A man after my own heart knows what he wants and goes for it.

If you would like more information on how this is the best travel shoe for women that money can buy just click on the highlighted text.

A Bit of a Surprise and the Devil at Work

When the "Due In" line of maternity tees came out, I personally thought they were very cute and were flattering for those expectant mothers who want to look their best. There were several designs, colors and styles which were also appealing, but it looks like the sharks didn't see it that way and didn't invest

This probably wouldn't have drawn my attention except for the fact that so called Mr. Wonderful, began to crush every tiny bit of hope and dream of the designer and owner to a mere pebble of dirt. Holding back the tears that were obviously coming she was so much a lady and professional. Robert even commented on Kevins disrespect, and how he was taking it to far.

Then if that wasn't enough Kevin kept asking the designer of this beautiful jewelry what would happen if he got run over by a bus. When the gentleman asked what would happen to Kevin's children if he got run over by a bus, Kevin stated they would be very happy. Hmmmmm does mean because they would get all of his money or they wouldn't have to put up with him anymore. Ouch, back at you Mr Devil in disguise.

The Best Show Ever For Great Products

I am a die hard Shark Tank fan and have seen every episode at least twice. I know it's an addiction. I have to say though that this show out ranked any of the others including season one in reference to amazing, useable, and practical products.

If you missed the episode you can watch it at either Hulu or ABC.

Have an incredible day.


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    • Charlu profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Florida

      Thank you Russell and I'm glad you enjoyed it. It is my favorite show and this is one of my favorite episodes. Thank you for your valuable time and wonderful comment

      By the way this coming Friday is a repeat of mt favorite episode ever. One of the presentations is out of this world and just phenomenal Take Care and thanks again

    • RussellLHuey profile image


      7 years ago

      Unique hub! Thanks for the post. Love this hub.

    • Charlu profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Florida

      Thanks Adriana I know don't you just love them. It's like being able to go into the store and get one of every style without spending all the money or taking up all the space. Thanks for your wonderful comment and time. Have an incredible day.

    • profile image

      Adriana Cormier 

      7 years ago

      Love the Shoes, great invention Ms. Dominique! Every woman should have onesole in their closet, the incredible shoes :)

    • Charlu profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Florida

      Thanks Eiddwen I look forward to your comments and appreciate your following almost as much as I love your hubs. Thanks for sharing and I'll talk to you soon.

    • Eiddwen profile image


      7 years ago from Wales

      Brilliant once more Charlu and I love your hubs.

      Here's to many more hubs and take are my friend.



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