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Shazam DC Movie Review

Updated on May 27, 2019

The Review

Well, finally, I have a movie which I can recommend that you guys watch. Shazam is a perfect family movie. It has equal amounts of action, drama and comedy. The hero, himself, is pretty adorable as he is a fourteen year old child who can transform into a fully grown super human.
The story line is touching and overall, it's the kind of movie that everyone would enjoy.

Superhero Movies Done Right

As disappointing as the DC Cinematic Universe has been thus far (with the exception of Christopher Nolan's Batman and Aqua Man), Shazam is the perfect superhero movie that one can enjoy with the whole family.

The Background

The Shazam or Captain Marvel comics were released by DC in the year 1940 on February. Captain Marvel is a child who is pure of heart and along with five of his crime fighting, troupe of foster children, fight crime and the forces of evil. Shazam, however, is the name of the previous supreme wizard, past his prime and eager to pass on his powers to a worthy apprentice.

The Captain Marvel and Family comics basically consist of Billy Batson and his enhanced foster brothers and sisters, together, who protect the Rock of Eternity from falling into the wrong hands. The Rock of Eternity serves as the source of Billy's power which had been passed onto him by the Shazam Wizard.

Later on when the Earth needs better defenses, Captain Marvel and his family are inculcated into the Justice League, an organization of superheros who join together when the world is in need. The original members of the League were Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and the Martian Manhunter.

The Storyline

Billy Bates was lost as a child and made it his life's mission to be reunited with his mother again. However, the government puts him into foster homes and upon finding clues to his mothers probable whereabouts, he runs away and as a consequence gets shifted from one foster home to the next. Finally, he ends up at a home with 5 other foster kids and a loving couple who welcome him into their lives.

After defending one of his crippled foster brothers on the school yard, Billy outruns the bullies and finds himself in the underground railway. From there, he is transported to the Rock of Eternity where a wizened wizard named Shazam, the last of the Council of Wizards, stood guard over the Eye of Sin which had entrapped the Seven Deadly Sins. After centuries of searching for a champion of pure heart, Shazam finds Billy and transfers his power to him.

From there, its all basically touch and go. The young boy burdened with immense power, hilariously, tries to figure out what his powers are and how to use them with the aid of his foster brother and ends up becoming the superhero that he was destined to be.

© 2019 Zoha Junaid


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