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Sheldon Cooper T-Shirts: The Best from The Big Bang Theory

Updated on May 6, 2012

Sheldon Cooper shirts are just cool, no matter how you slice it!  Maybe I'm just nerdy but I love the t-shirts he wears!

No matter what's happening in my life on Thursday nights, rest assured I'm going to carve out enough time to watch The Big Bang Theory. I absolutely adore all the well-developed characters, but my favorite has to be Sheldon Cooper, played by Jim Parsons. In fact, in my opinion, it is he who makes the show.

My husband, bless him, is somewhat of a nerd, so it's fitting he's the one that got me hooked on the show. He actually gets mad when the show is a re-run. We enjoy pretty much laughing together for a solid half an hour every week. Laughter is good medicine, right?

Sheldon Cooper Shirts-  Botman T-Shirt- my favorite!
Sheldon Cooper Shirts- Botman T-Shirt- my favorite!
My favorite!  The "Soft Kitty" shirt
My favorite! The "Soft Kitty" shirt
Sheldon Cooper Shirts:  Sheldon Cooper T-Shirts
Sheldon Cooper Shirts: Sheldon Cooper T-Shirts
Sheldon Cooper T-Shirts:  Manbot T-Shirt
Sheldon Cooper T-Shirts: Manbot T-Shirt
Sheldon Cooper Shirts:  Wesley Crusher's Bowling Shirt
Sheldon Cooper Shirts: Wesley Crusher's Bowling Shirt
Shedon's Flash Lightning Bolt Shirt
Shedon's Flash Lightning Bolt Shirt

Sheldon Cooper Shirts: As Seen on The Big Bang Theory

If you're looking for Sheldon's 73 shirt, check out

Sheldon's 73 Shirt: The Meaning Behind the 73 on Sheldon's Shirt and Where to Purchase One

Not only do I love the Sheldon Cooper T-Shirts he wears in the show, but I love the official Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper shirts! I recently discovered you can actually purchase many of Sheldon's shirts on Amazon and I was thrilled. Thrilled because it was the perfect gift to give to my husband. And yes, he does wear the shirts I got him. And yes, he does get quite a few comments about them! He does however occasionally break Sheldon's rule of ALWAYS wearing a long sleeve t-shirt underneath...

Have you ever heard the "Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty" song Sheldon's mom used to sing to him? One of my favorite episodes is when he's sick and he teaches Penny to sing the song to him. Anyway, I'm so happy to learn there's now a shirt in honor of this fantastic little ditty!

At the top of the list is the Robot Evolution T-Shirt, sooo Sheldon, isn't it? It's available in black, blue or red. This was the shirt he wore on Season I, Episode 13, called "The Bat Jar Conjecture" as well as on Seasons 2 and 4.

In keeping with the robot theme, we have the Manbot t-shirt Sheldon has worn a total of 9 times on the show. He wore it on one of my very favorite episodes, in Season 2, "The Bad Fish Paradigm".

Ever see the episode called the "Wheaton Recurrence" where Sheldon meets his long time arch enemy Wil Wheaton? A fierce bowling competition ensues, and Sheldon names his team "The Wesley Crushers", named after the Star Trek character Wil Wheaton played. A fun little play on words, and a cool t-shirt, to boot.

Sheldon can be seen wearing his Flash Lightning Bolt shirt in season three's "The Staircase Implementation". Amazon has the shirt, but in red. The shirt is also glow-in-the-dark!

Sheldon Cooper Shirts:  Friendship Algorithm T-Shirt
Sheldon Cooper Shirts: Friendship Algorithm T-Shirt
Sheldon Cooper's Bazinga T-Shirt
Sheldon Cooper's Bazinga T-Shirt

Official Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper Shirts

Sheldon's Friendship Algorithm

Some of the best moments on The Big Bang Theory have been captured on Sheldon Cooper shirts. Probably one of the funniest scenes is Sheldon's "light bulb moment" where he thinks he's isolated a friendship algorithm and has captured the whole thing on a flow chart. Poor Sheldon has some difficulty making friends, is just a little challenged in the social skills department.


No doubt "bazinga" is Sheldon's most infamous phrase, introduced in the "Monopolar Expedition" episode of season two. This Sheldon-created interjection has made its way into popular vernacular, particularly amongst fans, but also as a common phrase for saying "just kidding" or "gotcha!"

Sheldon: "Leonard, you may be right. It appears Penny secretly wants you in her life in a very intimate and carnal fashion."
Leonard: "You really think so?"
Sheldon: "Of course not. Even in my sleep-deprived state I've managed to pull off one of my classic pranks. Bazinga!"

So, it should be no surprise there is a variety of "Bazinga" paraphernalia on the market, particularly the baginga t-shirt.

Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Penny's Door

If you regularly watch the show, you'll know Sheldon has this very annoying habit of knocking on Penny's door... in a very obnoxious and demanding manner, to boot. See for yourself in the video on the right. Anyway, I was so happy to find the "Three Knocks Penny" Sheldon shirt on Amazon. It only comes in the blue.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock!

Did you know this rock, paper, scissors variation was NOT created by the producers of The Big Bang Theory, but rather a man by the name of Sam Kass. He concluded the original version has some probability flaws, one of them being the frequency of ties. It also satisfies the Law of Fives. Anyway, leave it to the geeky characters in The Big Bang Theory to popularize this improved version! This Sheldon Cooper shirt is a topseller.


Cafe Press makes a very cool I love Sheldon shirt...  It's one of the best selling Big Bang Theory shirts.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock!

Big Bang Theory: Sheldon Knocking on Penny's Door

Sheldon's 73 Shirt
Sheldon's 73 Shirt

Buy Sheldon's 73 Shirt HERE!

Buy Sheldon's 73 shirt HERE! It IS his favorite number after all... Why? Because:

  • Sheldon: What is…… the best number? And by the way, there is only one correct answer.
  • Raj: Five million, three-hundred eighteen thousand, and eight?!
  • Sheldon: The best number is seventy-three! You’re Probably wondering why?
  • Howard: No no
  • Leonard: Not really
  • Sheldon: 73 is the 21st prime number. Its mirror 37 is the 12th and its mirror 21 is the product of multiplying, hold on to your hats, 7 and 3. In binary, 73 is a palindrome, 1, 0, 0 1, 0, 0, 1 which backwards is 1, 0, 0 1, 0, 0, 1
  • Raj: Just for the record, when you enter five million, three-hundred eighteen thousand, and eight in calculator, upside down it spells “BOOBIES”

Sheldon Cooper shirts continue to come out everyday.  I'm keeping my eye out for new Sheldon Cooper t-shirts for you, don't worry!


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  • belleart profile image


    5 years ago from Ireland

    Sheldon: Scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock, rock crushes lizard, lizard poisons Spock, Spock smashes scissors, scissors decapitates lizard, lizard eats paper, paper disproves Spock, Spock vaporizes rock, and as it always has, rock crushes scissors.

    Love love love the big bang theory...

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    I really appreciate the believed that you put into this content. This subject has been something I have been looking into for a few time and your publish is one of the best I have study.

  • wordscribe43 profile imageAUTHOR

    Elsie Nelson 

    6 years ago from Pacific Northwest, USA

    I love that line, JFF!

  • Just For Fun profile image


    6 years ago from Pennsylvania, USA

    "It took you four years to get through high school?"

  • fitnesszone profile image


    7 years ago from New York

    BAZZINGA! Awesome t-shirts. Love all of them :D

  • Claudia Tello profile image

    Claudia Tello 

    7 years ago from Mexico

    My favorite t-shirt is the one with the strip colors TV screen (I hope you know what I mean by that jajaj :)).

  • Marlene Spark profile image

    Marlene Spark 

    8 years ago

    Loves the 3 knocks Penny shirt.

  • Five One Cows profile image

    Five One Cows 

    8 years ago from Moo Town

    This is so cool, I didn't even realize that this great TV show even had shirts out there for sale.

  • wordscribe43 profile imageAUTHOR

    Elsie Nelson 

    8 years ago from Pacific Northwest, USA

    Thanks, guy! I love the show as well, enjoy!

  • guy1973 profile image


    8 years ago from victoria

    i have just started watching this tv show, and i like it, nice collection:)

  • wordscribe43 profile imageAUTHOR

    Elsie Nelson 

    8 years ago from Pacific Northwest, USA

    Hey, go ahead and order away. I may benefit, if it's NOT one of HP's take on my clicks. So, we'll see, huh? Which one do you like?

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Always to you as well. Stupid question, if I want to order one or few of these visa airmail and do it through your hub, do you benefit? I'll wait-no clue-says a lot I know ha but for real!

    I am actually placing another amazon order now for mens wallet [honestly can't find what he's looking for-they have best one -polo] but would make all order thru tshirt one or 2 - help a pollock out come on


  • wordscribe43 profile imageAUTHOR

    Elsie Nelson 

    8 years ago from Pacific Northwest, USA

    Good to "see" you, Kimberly. I can totally see you sporting one of these shirts! Happy new year!

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    very cool!


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