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Shocking Movie Scenes

Updated on February 2, 2013

© Sarah Masson 2011

Have you ever been watching a movie where a scene is so shocking that you have your mouth open for a ridulously long amount of time? Well I sure have. I have sat there for ages with my jaw on the ground thinking: Did that really just happen? But it's scenes like these that provoke emotion, get people talking/thinking and that make us remember movies. These scenes make us turn to whoever else is in the room and say: Can you believe that?! If a movie scene can literally take your breath away then you know it's done it's job.

Meet Joe Black - At the beginning of the movie Joe Black (Brad Pitt) meets a lady in a cafe and they get to talking. When they leave they keep looking back to see if the other is still there. They both hesitate and think about walking back over but they don't. The last time that Joe turns around to see if she is still there he has a near miss with a car. Then suddenly he is hit by a car and then quickly by another. The first time that I saw this scene, I was speechless.

A Home At The End Of The World - This scene left me feeling shocked and shaken for a long time and I've never forgotten it. If someone asked me what was the most shocking scene that I've come across, I think that this would be it. I just didn't expect it at all. It starts with two brothers. The older brother Carlton tells his younger brother Bobby not to hang around at their parents party. Bobby doesn't want to be left out so he sneaks back to the party and hides, while he watches his brother jump off the fence and come running back inside. He runs straight through the glass door, thinking that it was still open. He stands there and pulls a piece of glass out of his neck and starts bleeding. He bleeds to death on the lounge room floor in front of everyone. It was unbelievable!

The Greatest - A guy and girl are sitting in his car. He's parked in the middle of the road because it's quiet and he wants to make the moment special. He is about to tell her that he loves her when a car comes ploughing right into them. He dies, she lives. Really sad. The moment really was shocking, even though they were parked on the road because of the sweetness of the scene it made you not think about it and when the car comes crashing into them, wow!

American History X - This movie is about two brothers and racism. There are a couple of shocking scenes in this movie but the one I'm talking about is when the younger brother Danny, tells his older brother Derek that there are three black men outside trying to steal his dads truck (who was murdered by a black drug dealer.) Derek runs outside and starts shooting. He shoots one of the guys who dies instantly and he wounds another. He wants to teach him a lesson so he makes him put him mouth on the curb and he stomps on his head. This was seriously disturbing and it's another scene I will never forget!

The Butterfly Effect - If you have seen this movie then you know that there are plenty of shocking scenes in it. It's way too hard to just choose one but I had to put this movie. The first time I saw it I couldn't believe half of the stuff that i saw.

The Deer Hunter - The Russian Roulette scene...need I say more :(

Se7en - At the end of the movie after the two detectives Somerset and Mills find the serial killer. The killer directs them to a remote desert area. They see a delivery van approaching so detective Somerset goes over to investigate leaving the Mills and the murderer alone. The driver is scared and tells Somerset that he was directed to deliver the package at this exact time and spot and he hands it to him. Meanwhile Mills has the killer at gun point and the killer tells him that he admires him but does not let him know why. Somerset opens the box and is horrified at it's contents. He runs over and tells Mills not to listen to the killer. The killer then reveals that the box contains the head of his wife. He also reveals that she was pregnant. Mills had no idea. Mills can't stand it and shoots the despicable serial killer to death. It is full on!! Great movie though. In the final moments Brad Pitt is absolutely amazing!

More to come soon, thanks for reading :)

Meet Joe Black Car Scene


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    • Sarah Masson profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      kandj - You're right about The boy in the striped pajamas, I forgot about that one but that really was a shock and so sad. Thanks for reading and commenting :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Also the movie "Boy in the striped pajamas". I saw the movie before reading the book and could not believe that the little boy chased his friend and ended up in the gas chamber! Unbelievable!!

      Great list Sarah!! I need to watch a few of the those movies!!

    • Sarah Masson profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      Thanks suziecat7, I will put some videos on :)

    • suziecat7 profile image


      8 years ago from Asheville, NC

      Great list. Did you know you can add the actual videos to your Hub by using the video capsule on the right? Your Hubs are very interesting. I am a fan.


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