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Short Film Review: A Day Into The Bulge

Updated on June 4, 2016

A Not So Great War Tale That Focuses on the Cowardly Clyde

A Day into The Bulge short film.

Now finally moving away from the world of animation once more comes a live action short film directed by John Somers. It’s a World War II short film called A Day Into The Bulge, which is based off of true life events.

The film focuses on new recruit Clyde as he is transferred to a French squad who have taken post in the deep woods planning an attack on the Germans. With very little warfare experience he is not ready for combat and does not take well to the bleak living conditions. He then gets his first taste of war as they run into some Germans into the woods.

The good? It’s nice to see a World War II film focusing on someone other than Americans. Focusing on a French squad was interesting. The acting was good leading to interesting character development. And the costumes and props were pretty darn convincing. And they went through a lot to make it look real.

The bad? The shootout with the Germans was disappointing. There were gun shots sound effect from the Germans supposedly hiding in the trees and mostly camera shots of the French shooting and taking cover. The Germans were not seen really at all in that scene. I think that it could have been handled better. And Clyde. Let’s just say he’s useless. When they are attacked he runs away from the squad, hides in a hole, curls up in a ball and cries. I know he’s inexperienced, but come on. I know this is based on true events, but I highly doubt this is the tale that the soldier told. Even after the attack, I felt that the film would try to put him on the path to redemption by feeling having him feel guilty. But even as a man is dying next to him in a scene no emotion is expressed. He just has this “Whatever” expression. Clyde is nothing but a selfish coward and is nothing but throughout. There is no change. No lesson is learned. He has no arc.

Overall, the film has everything going for it. An interesting setting. Good production budget. Passionate people were filming it. But Clyde is such a coward with no such at all that it kills the movie.

2 1/2 Flicks out of Four

Overall Rating: A Not So Great War Tale That Focuses on the Cowardly Clyde.

Other Facts About The Film

Director: Jon Somers

Run Time: 19:57 minutes

Genre: Drama/ Historical

Where To Find It: Youtube

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