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Short Film Review: Caldera

Updated on September 3, 2017

Caldera Short Film Review

Today the short film is another animated one. It is one that proudly promotes itself as an award winner, so I though I would check it out. The film is a 2013 flick by Evan Viera called Caldera

So what is it about? Well it focuses on a girl, who suffers from a mental condition. Her mind drifts away from reality into these trippy fantasy worlds. To exist in reality, she must take a prescription. But the world is dull, grey, and boring. She hates it. She is sad and depressed in this real world that seems so distant. The world where she is happy in the one that isn’t real. So she throws her medicine away, allowing herself to drift away.

The good? It’s a pretty film with a very distinctive geometric abstract animation. Also I thought the core concept here was brilliant,

The bad? I like films with a beginning, middle, and end. This doesn’t have that. It is a moving art piece with no real purpose behind it. The pills are thrown away early on, so the majority of this film is just abstract images. Also this film relies on being beautiful to keep you entertained and while it is pretty it’s not gorgeous. Films I’ve review in the past such as Sintel and Tuurngait were gorgeous and absolutely enchanting creating a absolutely beautiful world. This film did not achieve it. And this film is like watching a lava lamp. It’s pretty but after looking at if for five minutes or so, you’ll get sleepy. The ambient music also made it feel dull.

Overall, this film is an acid trip simulation. Its just more weird than fun. I want say its mediocre, but it’s not because there’s no plot. I would only recommend this to abstract art fans. I know you’re out there.

Overall Rating: A Rather Dull Acid Trip

1 ½ Flicks out of Four

Other Facts About This Film

Director: Evan Viera

Run Time: 11:26 minutes

Genre: Drama / Fantasy

Where to Find It: Youtube

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