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Short Film Review: Dead Island

Updated on January 23, 2016

An Incredibly Emotional and Amazing Film Featuring Zombies

Dead Island Short Film Review

Oh Wow! Okay for the record on this hub, if it is a short piece of cinema that tells a compelling story it’s a short film to me. And that includes a piece of cinema that has the title of a video game tacked on the end. What am I getting at? I’m talking about The Dead Island Debut, which was originally used as a trailer that inaccurately portrayed the tone of the video game it was advertising. But it went on beyond the game to actually win short films awards. So despite it’s original purpose, this is still a short film.

So what is it about? It is a CGI short film that focuses on a family being torn apart as their hotel is raided by zombies. Told in a broken fashion where the second half plays backward alternating with scenes from the first half playing forwards, it forces the viewers to piece together this terrible tragedy as it plays to somber sad music.

The good? The good, is how amazing this film is. In three minutes with no dialogue or names to match to the faces, you are captivated and care about these characters. There’s so much emotion. Even at the end when it stops on the father and daughter you can just see the honest love there in his eyes. It’s so raw. And sure there’s gore and zombies, but it’s pushed so far back into the background, that you don’t care about the blood. You’re focusing on the people.

The bad? Well the fact that it was used as advertisement for something as shallow as a puddle and included explosions of gore, kind of left a few people burned, I’m sure. But film itself is perfect.

Overall, anyone who enjoys films in general would love this. It is amazing, emotional and smart. And if you don’t like zombies or video games, watch it anyways. This very amazing.

4 Flicks out of Four.

Overall Rating: An Incredibly Emotional and Amazing Film Featuring Zombies.


Other Facts About The Film

Director / FIlmmakers: Axis Animation and Deep Silver Entertainment

Run Time : 3:07 minutes

Genre : Drama / Horror

Where to Find It: Youtube and various video game journalism sites.

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