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Short Film Review: Kara

Updated on March 1, 2016

A Sad Emotional Film About a Robot

Kara by David Cage

After a couple of adventures in the realm of live action short films, we’re returning back to an animated short film. This one is a science fiction drama short called Kara developed by Quantic Dream studios and written as well as directed by David Cage. A man who wrote and directed adventure games such as Heavy Rain and Beyond.

In this film we witness a female robot as she is created and born in a lab. The machine operator runs her through a series of tests to find out if she’s working properly. But the robot (who is named Kara) is found to be free thinking unlike the rest of them. Seeing this, the operator quickly starts the process to dissemble her and she pleads for her life for a chance to live.

The good? Emotions are strong in this piece. You can see the fear as she pleads to live. The drama is incredibly well done. The animation is also amazing.

The bad? I kind of wanted to see more. What happens after she is taken away. Where does she go? What happens to a thinking robot? I guess we’ll never know. Scratch that. We might to some degree. David Cage recently announced that he will expand this film into his next video game. But something tells me, this will only be inspiration, and not direct prequel to that.

Overall, this is a beautiful and stunning piece of work. I recommend it to everybody. This includes people who are not science fiction fans.

4 Flicks out of Four.

Overall Rating : A Sad Emotional Film About A Robot.

Other Fact About This Film

Director: David Cage

Run Time: 7:01 minutes

Genre: Scifi / Drama

Where To Find It: IGN, Youtube,

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