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Short Film Review: Memoria

Updated on January 29, 2016

A Good Psychological Horror


I’m back with another short film review. And this one is a bit darker than the last one. It’s an animated psychological horror film called Memoria by Elisabet Yr Atladottir.

So what is it about? It’s about Vincent, who is at first glance appears to be a drunken vagrant that stumbled into an abandoned ran down a house and passes out in his drunken state. He comes back to by a loud slamming of a door. He tries to leave, but finds that he can’t get through the door. He tries to leave other ways, and memories flashes into his head as he travels, and the house becomes more sinister and twisted as he moves on. It is revealed quickly that this is his childhood home and the story pieces together who Vincent is to the viewer.

The good? I was quite surprised by the twists and turns it took and how dark the story became seeing how it is animated. And I like the style of animation too. Though its likely computer animation, it also looks like its old school clay animation at points. It just has this very unusual look to it where I can’t exactly pinpoint what sort of animation I’m looking at. It starts very normal in scenery but appears more Tim Burton as it goes on.

The bad? It’s not scary or creepy by any means. Maybe it’s a bit shocking to some, but it’s not a scary film. Also the first ten seconds also spoil the story a bit if you watched horror films before. I really wish it wasn’t there.

Overall, it is a descent little flick worth looking into if you like dark tales or a soft spot for Tim Burton you like this. Also if you’re a fan of animation in general, maybe you can spend an hour or two trying to find out if it’s a CGI or stop motion. But it’s still a good film no matter how you look at it.

Overall rating: A Good Little Psychological Horror

2 Flicks out of Four

A screenshot of the short Memoria
A screenshot of the short Memoria | Source

Other Facts About The Film

Director: Elisabet Yr Atladottir.

Run Time: 6:28 minutes

Genre: Horror

Where to Find It: Youtube

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