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Short Film Review: One Rat

Updated on March 11, 2016

A Charming Romance between Two Rats From Different Worlds

One Rate by Alex Weil

After a horror film that was so dark and creepy, it seemed only fitting to find something a little more uplifting, with warm fuzzy animals, or a charming love story even. So I decided to review the Alex Weil directed short called One Rat. Okay. Rats aren’t cute to a lot of people. But they are adorable here.

So the film starts with a stormy night at a New York City railway, where rats are fighting one another for every scrap of food. One rat sees a Cheetos bag blowing in the wind. Certain that there must be morsels of food inside he chases after it. The chase leads him to a vent where he falls into a science lab, where multiple lab rats are held hostage at the mercy of a great robot that is running them through various tests and recording findings. There our main rat finds a white rat with blue eyes and falls desperately in love with her. With the lurking danger of the robot, they still fall in love and try to escape.

So the good? The animation here is beautiful. The rats are gorgeous and the fur is amazing. I was sure that it would look fake somewhere in the film and they didn’t. So it’s pretty darn good computer animation for an eight year old film. Animation on everything else was just as amazing. The music score was great and the love story was wonderful. I mean it was so charming, and it was a wordless relationship between two rats no less.

The bad? I wish I had a complaint. But I don’t. This is a surprising little masterpiece. I don’t know how I have never seen this before.

Overall, this a must watch. It’s a must watch for animals lovers, romance fans, and fans of animation in general. And hey maybe some people will enjoy the slight science fiction hint to it. But it’s a wonderful little movie. I recommend to everyone.

4 Flicks out of Four.

Overall Rating: A charming Romance between Two rats From Different Worlds.

Other Facts About This FIlm

Director: Alex Weil

Run Time : 9:53 minutes

Genre: Scifi/ Romance/ Adventure/ Animation

Where To Find It: Youtube

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