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Short Film Review: Portal - No Escape

Updated on January 28, 2016

An Interesting Tale Set in the Portal World

Portal: No Escape

Okay another round of short film theatre here. This one is an unusual one. It’s a science fiction called Portal: No Escape, which pulls a lot of its elements from the Portal video game world.

So you may be asking yourself what is Portal? Long story short, it is a puzzler that focuses on humans who must go through mazes and mind bending tests as lab rats by the company Aperture. To aid in these tests they will have a portal gun that creates a worm hole from one place to another as long as two portals are existing. Confusing? I’m sorry if it is. It’s easier to see in the film than to explain. Just be glad I’m not nerding out going in detail about Glados or Wheatley. Yes. I am a Portal fan.

Anyways it focuses on a woman who wakes up in a cell with a barcode on her neck and no memory how she got there. Determined to escape, she tries to stay fit to fight back at whoever’s keeping her captive. She soon finds a portal gun hidden in the wall. With the gun, she uses it to make a daring escape from the faculty.

The good? It’s well done considering there’s no dialogue. The effects are fair. Nothing groundbreaking. But I must say, I love the ending. It’s a great twist. Also, here’s a fun fact. This is a short film that must have really impressed someone in Hollywood, because this director, Dan Trachtenberg is now the director of 10 Cloverfield Lane. So I’m curious of where his career will take him after this.

The bad? There really isn’t anything bad. I just feel that there could have more story possibly. I mean it could have went so much farther than it did, but it didn’t.

Overall, it’s not astonishing or amazing but it is worth the watch. It’s well-made, but it’s not going to be very memorable to most people. But it’s still good. You won’t regret watching it.

Overall Rating: An Interesting Tale Set in the Portal World

3 Flicks out of four.


Other Facts About The Film

Director: Dan Trachtenberg

Run Time: 6:57 minutes

Genre: Scifi

Where to Find It: Youtube

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