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Short Film Review: Sintel

Updated on August 20, 2016


So the short film today is a foreign animated from the Netherlands. It’s a little animated short directed by Colin Levy called Sintel.

What is it about? Its fifteen minute short film about a girl named Sintel and her dragon. Our main character, a twenty something year old lonely red haired girl finds a wounded dragon as she is searching through and ran down part of town. She helps the dragon and Scales, as the dragons is named, becomes her only friend. Then one day in the market a fully grown dragon swoops out of the sky to takes Scales away and she must go on a quest to get him back.

The good? The animation in the film is beautiful. Just the scene with the dragon and birds are flying around the temple in the sunset; wow! And I really loved the character design too. Everything is medieval with vibrant colors carrying this strong How to Train Your Dragon vibe. The people look very anime and are incredibly expressive. There is a fight scene in the film that is absolutely amazing. It doesn’t feel like something traditionally in a cartoon, but something out of a serious fantasy film such as Lord of the Rings. Also the film does take a wild turn and gives us a sad yet ambiguous ending and I have to appreciate that. It was bold move not to do something so cliché but it’s not very conclusive for the view there.

The bad? There were small things out of place. Elements that could have been included in the story if they made it just a little longer. Like why has this girl been alone all her life before the dragon? Why didn’t the city care about the fact a girl was raising a dragon within city limits? Why did her hair turn black when she walking through a rain storm when it’s naturally red? And how in the world did she know here Scales was taken to?

Overall, it’s a beautiful piece. It’s well worth the watch. It has a few plot holes and will have conclusion that that leaves the viewer hanging.

3 Flicks out of Four

Overall Rating: A Vivid Tale about a Girl and her Dragon.

Other Facts About This FIlm

Director: Colin Levy

Run Time: 14:48 minutes

Genre: Fantasy

Where To Find It: Youtube

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