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Short Film Review: The Devil's Spear

Updated on May 8, 2017

A Super Fun Pirate Film

The Devil's Spear

Okay. How I found this film was a accident. I wanted to watch one, but accidentally clicked the Assassins Creed short film beneath it instead. And I’ve played the Assassins Creed game. I don’t care much for it. But when it started playing before I hit the back button, I saw something I didn’t expect. This is a freak’n pirate movie! And I was sold. My nerdy love for pirates glued my eyes to the screen. So here is my review of The Devils Spear, a short film se tin the Assassin’s Creed 4 game.

So the story starts at a ran down area outside of a brothel which was probably a colony island. And it introduces a character who is scarred and appears to have shrapnel in his face. And he begins to tell a newcomer about Kenway, a man who tried to assassinate him and failed. The story flashes back to the beginning of his story where he was a captain of a ship. But the ship is raided by Kenway, Blackbeard and Blackbeard’s crew. Epic sword fights ensure along with the fun pirate stuff you would expect . Also there is a surprise gun fight at the end which is so awesome.

The good? The production budget on this short film is huge. If it is a fan film of any kind, this is the most expensive fan film ever. Everything was great. The sets. The choreography. The costumes. And I love how it was a full on pirate film, where the assassins creed guy just happens to be there. They kept it simple and fun, as it should be.

The bad? With so much attention to realism, costumes and set pieces, I was surprised to notice that Blackbeard’s beard well looked fake. Not a big complaint. It just seemed odd as everything else was done so well.

Overall, this was surprisingly fun. If you like pirate, you will enjoy this. This is such a fun film. I don’t know how I never knew about this.

4 Flicks out of Four

Overall rating: A Super Fun Pirate Film

Other Facts About This Film

Director: Ubisoft Team

Run Time: 12:42 minutes

Genre: Action / Adventure

Where To Find It: Youtube and the official Ubisoft Assassin's Creed website

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