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Short Film Review: The Gift

Updated on January 16, 2017

A Tale Set in an Incredible Scifi World That Lacks Direction

The Gift

Okay. Here we are heading back into the foreign short film territory. This time it’s a little Russian film called The Gift.

The Gift is a science fiction about this odd mechanical sacred box that seems to be very precious to everyone. Yet everything and everyone that comes in contact with it seems to meet a quick death due to what appears to be freakish bad luck or control batter for this mysterious box.

The good? The production value is phenomenal. And the Russian setting gives a different flavor of science fiction that we are used to. The special effects are incredibly well done. Especially in the scene where the box falls into the robot’s hands and there is a chase scene between him and the police. It is just a fun scifi world they built here.

The bad? As good as the CGI is, I could tell the cars were CGI opposed to real cars in a couple scenes, which threw me off because every thing else looked phenomenal overall. That’s a minor complaint though. The biggest complaint is that this is more of a experiment than a film. The plot is hinted at in the dialogue which is just enough for viewers to know this box is very important and dangerous but nothing more than that. I wish it was more story driven, with a clear message but it wasn’t

Overall, it’s a extremely fun film but its nothing amazing. You’ll no don’t enjoy it but don’t expect a deep story here.

3 Flicks out of Four

Overall Rating: A Tale Set in an Incredible Scifi World That Lacks Direction

Other Facts About This Film

Director: Carl E. Rinsch

Run Time:: 4:43 minutes

Genre: Science Fiction

Where To Find It: Youtube

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