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Short Film Review: Tuurngait

Updated on April 1, 2016

Tuurngait: A Magical Journey into an Arctic World of Imagination

Tuurngait: A Magical Journey into an Arctic World of ImaginationOnce again, another animated short film is being reviewed for short film theatre. They seemed to have been more abundant than live action stuff lately. So I hope everyone has been liking the cartoons in these articles so far. Today the film Tuurngait which was directed, by five people, who also called themselves the Tuurngait team.

The film focuses on an Inuit boy one day as he plays in the snow. After hitting a bird with a snow ball, he decides to chase it across the Arctic as it flies away. As he journeys the film favors his imagination more than it does reality turning into a fantasy. But things do become dark when the bird wants revenge for the snow ball attack earlier.

The good? This is a beautiful film. The animation alone is pretty to look at. The imagination is also wonderful here. I got a very golden era Disney vibe from this film, and believe if given a chance these guys could make a charming family film based off of this. I seriously got a Lion King feel at one point in this film.

The bad? The story is lacking. It is much more magical and vivid visual experience, more than a compelling story. And that’s kind of shame.

Overall, it is a beautiful and it is a must watch for animation lovers. Fans of Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks will love this. I recommend it to those people. Just don’t expect an amazing story. It is much prettier than anything else.

3 Flicks out of Four

Overall Rating: A Magical Journey into an Arctic World of Imagination.

Other Facts About This Film

Director: The Tuurngait Team consisting of Paul-Emle Boucher, Remy Dupont, Benjamin Flouw, Mickael Riciotti, and Alexandre Toufali

Run Time: 6:29 minutes

Genre: Fantasy

Where To Find It: Youtube

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