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Short Film Theater: Link's Shadow

Updated on March 25, 2017

Link Rides to the Rescue Again in the Land of Hyrule

Link’s Shadow The Legend of Zelda

Okay so far for short film theater, the reviews have covered a lot of genre stuff that includes steam punk, fantasy, horror and science fiction. I think science fiction has been the most abundant so far. I think it’s fair to say my reviews have been slightly nerdy. But for this one I decided to just nerd out all the way and review a Legend of Zelda fan film. You read that right. So here’s the review of a Zelda film called Link’s Shadow.

First of all it’s about Link set in the Legend of Zelda world. If you don’t know what that is, then you must have had an incredibly sheltered life and I feel sorry for you. You missed something that should have been in your childhood. But for those of you who do know about the setting of Hyrule, it focuses on a trio of hunters who run into a demon in the woods that had the appearance of a shadow elf. (Or dark Link possibly, but that was never established in the context of the film.) But as this demon starts to kill them Link rushes into the rescue.

The good? This is a surprisingly well made fantasy. At first sight of the plastic shield, I groaned but then the filmmaker showed where the real money was spent. The choreography here is through the roof. And so many people get shot with arrows and it’s so convincing. There two very amazing slow motion shots. Usually slow motion is horrible in short films. So I was impressed. The magic effect and costumes were top notch as well. It had an incredible well-handled budget. Also the demon looked kind of cool. And even though it was great, it only had hints of the Zelda theme song.

The bad? Well Zelda was a thirty year old black haired guy wearing a wig with a wig with Link attire. It might just be me but I always pictured Link younger. In all the games and artwork, he looked like a teenager or possibly in his very early twenties. So yeah it just didn’t fit with my interpretation of Link. Also I wish Link had a backstory here, but he doesn’t. He doesn’t even have a line of dialogue.

Overall this is a surprisingly well made film. It’s entertaining to both Zelda and non Zelda fans. But I strongly feel Link should have an arc here, but he didn’t. I also really wanted the theme song.

Overall Rating: Link Rides to the Rescue Again in the Land of Hyrule

3 ½ Flicks out of Four

Other Facts About This Film

Director: Corridor Digital (No credit given to director)

Run Time: 4:18 minutes

Genre: Fantasy

Where To Find It: Youtube

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