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Short SciFi: The Mitochondrial Eve - Part III

Updated on November 30, 2008

 She heard a voice speaking to her. She thought it was the voice of the god of death, but it was not in the language of her tribe. It wasn't in a language at all, yet she understood it perfectly. It was a voice that came from the inside of her head, yet originated from outside. She listened more carefully, concentrating on the voice. It was not one voice, but many, many voices. They were all speaking at the same time, saying different things. She understood all of them clearly. She knew what they were saying, almost before they were saying it. They spoke of things she had never heard of before, yet always knew existed. Her body floated free in the warm water. She bathed in the voices as she bathed in the waters, warm, soft, inviting, comfortable.

As the voices spoke to her, she began to see and feel the unimaginable. The voices harmonically reverberated through her body, subtly altering the very structure of her being. The top of her head throbbed as if her brain was inflating, pressing up against the front of her skull. She felt her instincts ebb away, overwhelmed by the frantic dance of new, alien thought.

She saw her own existence from a viewpoint outside herself, and all at the same time, she saw her birth and saw her death. She saw life as a speeded-up explosion: Bodies gaining size then losing vigor and turning into dust. She saw the cycle of the days. the cycle of the moon, the cycle of the seasons and the cycle of the years. She understood that the cycle is the essence of all things.

She saw her unborn children, big, strong and empowered with a knowledge which allowed them dominion over out-tribers, both short and tall.   She saw her children's children spread out over the land, feared and respected, and always venerating her as "the great mother." She saw their dwelling-places become bigger and more permanent as they learned to plant and grow the food trees and tame the wild beasts. She saw the short out-tribers weaken and retreat in the face of this expansion. She saw wars and battles, which were always won by her descendants' greater cunning and intelligence. She saw them develop weapons and tools far removed from the flint and club. She saw her descendants spread over the earth and change in shape and color to fit the conditions where they dwelled. She saw them build structures of stone as tall as the tallest tree, and taller still. She saw many of these dwelling-places spread across the land, connected by wide trails and travelled by objects with "wheels"-wondrous, round incarnations of the eternal cycle of all things.

She saw so many wondrous sights which came faster and faster: Enormous dwelling-places of tall stone housing countless of her descendants. When night fell, the places would glow with light. Giant shiny birds, huge rafts and many things with wheels transport these people from one dwelling-place to another. Her descendants would even leave the bounds of Earth to walk on other worlds. Everything was happening faster and faster: brighter and greater. Then she saw a light brighter than the brightest sun. She blinked, temporarily blinded. As her vision returned she found herself underwater, but without the fear, or even the need for breath. She stared across the water at the source of the voices and the visions. The body was like that of a large, undulating snake-fish, but larger than one hundred warriors. The voices in her head changed slightly. They invited her mind into the mind of the large fish. She felt her essence enter the strange huge fish and share his existence. She felt his consciousness rush into her and felt what it was like to be him. He was not a fish at all, but a being with an impossible wisdom which stretched over the ages. She felt the accumulated knowledge of this incredible mind, thousands and thousands of generations of memory in unfathomable detail, and bolting forward to the continued intertwining with people, with her own descendants who would rule the earth. She felt what it was like to be him.

She felt that his senses of his space was not limited to his body, but he could "feel' everything around him, as if it was pressing in on a body which expanded to fill the void. She understood the cycles of his existence and that of his kind. She understood that it was now time for her descendants to play their roles in the endless cycle of evolution.

She heard the multiple voices which originated from him and the many other voices which came flooding in from others of his kind. She saw the others, huge fish-like bodies which seemed to glow with translucent light, with bright eyes shining with the wisdom of the ages. She felt the love, kindness, and self-sacrifice of these beings and understood that although they were all separate and countless, wherever they were. they were always one with each other. They were all parts of a single glorious entity which shone with the brightness of the perfection...of God.

The huge snake-fish-being offered the fruit of infinite knowledge. She took the fruit within her, to forever be a part of her and her descendants.

The waves were pushing her body back towards the shore. She felt sadness to leave the consciousness of this mighty being of the sea. but she believed that he and the others of his kind would always be there, with her. Because now, she knew.

She swam to the shore and clambered up onto the beach. She climbed atop a tightly packed rockpile. As the setting sun set fire to the churning sea, she saw the great marine beings frolicking and jumping out of the waters, bidding her goodbye.

"Kwaheehee," they sang to her. " Kwaheehee.  Kwaheehee...”

As she watched them swim towards the setting sun, she knew that there would be many trials and tribulations ahead of her. Soon her belly would swell and the first of many children be born: A new breed of human who would share her altered mind and body. Each person on earth would carry within their flesh her genetic marker. She stood on the threshold of a new race. The Eve of human civilization. But she was not afraid. She had her duty clearly explained to her, and nothing would be allowed to interfere.

She was to be the mother of all mankind. 


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    • Shalini Kagal profile image

      Shalini Kagal 7 years ago from India

      Hal - just loved this - I'm coming back for more!!!

    • Hal Licino profile image

      Hal Licino 7 years ago from Toronto

      Thanks! Don't miss the first two parts... it sets the whole thing up. :)

    • Shalini Kagal profile image

      Shalini Kagal 7 years ago from India

      I will, Hal :)

    • Hal Licino profile image

      Hal Licino 7 years ago from Toronto

      ... and thanks... for everything! I really appreciate it! Have fun with Eve. She's a nice girl... a little primitive, but hey... she is about 150,000 years old so what can anyone expect? :)

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