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Short Song Titles Starting And Ending With The Same Word

Updated on August 9, 2019

Billy Preston Is One Of The Few Artists To Play With Both The Beatles And The Stones


The Beatles Would Have Made The List Had They Called It "Please Me Please"

Time after time music artists have recorded songs titled "Time After Time", most notably the alt rock band REM and the Eighties singer Cyndi Lauper. Others who have recorded songs with that title span from Frank Sinatra to Chet Baker to Iron and Wine to Ozzy Osbourne.

Because of the repetition of the first word, the title lends itself to sound attraction. That is a big reason musical history is rife with song titles that follow a similar pattern, three word titles that start and end the same way.

Here are twenty of the most prominent, including hits by artists who have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

1. I and I by Bob Dylan

"Jokerman" and "Sweetheart Like You" are the biggest hits from Infidels, but this track also helped mark another revival of Dylan's career.

2. Ride Captain Ride by Blues Image

Seventy three men sailed out to find a place where they could laugh their lives away and once again be free, according the lyrics, although the musical ship of this band was grounded after this hit.

3. Heart To Heart by Ambrosia

Joe Puerta and David Pack share vocals on this country-tinged gem from the excellent Life Beyond L.A. album.

4. One On One by Hall and Oates

This track, along with "Maneater" and "Family Man", spurred the H2O album to the top of the charts.

5. Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2

Americans introduced to Bono when this hit appeared on MTV, back when that station' first initial stood for music instead of moronic.

6. Never Say Never by Styx

Guitarist Tommy Shaw contributed this hit for the Cornerstone album, whose chorus features French.

7. Dog Eat Dog by Ted Nugent

After a wild self-titled debut, the Detroit rocker kept his momentum with the Free For All album featuring the title track and this FM hit.

8. One To One by Joe Jackson

On this Beat Crazy ballad Jackson bemoans his lover's distracting activism, especially with groups like "Vegetarians Against the Clan."

9. War On War by Wilco

Jeff Tweedy declares this battle on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, which also gave fans such wonders as "Heavy Metal Drummer" and "Pot Kettle Black."

10. Day By Day by Godspell

As if the song were not famous enough already, it made its way into milennial consciousness when Homer Simpson sang it repeatedly throughout an episode of The Simpsons.

11. Night By Night by Steely Dan

Pretzel Logic, beloved mainly for its title track and "Rikki Don't Lose That Number", also contained underrated tracks such as this one.

12. Livin' Ain't Livin' by the Lords of the New Church

Eighties punk spawned these angry anarchists, who on their self-titled debut blast authority of all varieties on this track as well as "Russian Roulette"and "Portabello."

13. Black Is Black by Los Bravos

One hit wonders seemed to peak in the late Sixties and early Seventies, which is when this group climbed the charts.

14. Nice 'N Nice by the Stranglers

Dreamtime is the album housing this track which, like most of its mates, shows little resemblance the quartet's early days as punk pioneers.

15. People Are People by Depeche Mode

Unbelievably extant, the Eighties New Wave group still cannot shake its association with this catchy anthem.

16. Nothing From Nothing by Billy Preston

Math was never my strong point, so I really liked this Top Ten hit by the only artist to have his name on a record with The Beatles.

17. Face the Face by Pete Townshend

His fourth solo album, White City, was introduced to fans through this first single.

18. Inch by Inch by Elvis Costello

Goodbye Cruel World completely broke with his previous punk career, when he chose ballads like this one over the angry stuff on This Year's Model, My Aim Is True and Armed Forces.

19. Little By Little by the Fratellis

A decade after their debut these British alternative rockers continue to churn out high quality records, including Wide Eyed and Tongue Tied where this track is found.

20. Run Joey Run by David Geddes

Daddy comes between his daughter and Joey with a gun, ultimately killing his daughter instead of his intended target.


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