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Short Film Review: The Heist

Updated on October 25, 2016

A Comedy That Fell Flat

The Heist

Okay. Now that we’re back form the land of dragons, let’s find something serious. How about a gritty heist caper featuring two British fellows who have no idea what we’re doing. The film today is The Heist which is directed by Alexander J Greene.

The film is a British comedy starts with two very nervous guys (who have never broken any laws before) performing a heist, to infiltrate a warehouse for a line of jewelry store. When they break inside, they find no guards and discover that the building is actually a warehouse for sand animals.

So the good? It’s well shot, directed and acted. Is it funny? One scene did make me giggle slightly, but humor is such an odd thing. Everyone had their preferences, so it may be funny to some.

The bad? There’s nothing bad, but I think the writer could have done something more with the plot he had. I mean it could have led up to so much more but it didn’t. Hell, The Wrong Mans, a British comedy, started off with a guy finding a lost cell phone and spiraled into insanity from there on out. This didn’t

Overall, the synopsis covers the whole plot sadly. There is nothing wonderful here, but nothing too terribly bad either. It’s just very meh.

2 Flicks out of Four

Overall Rating: A Crime Comedy That Fell Flat

Screenshot from the short film, The Heist.
Screenshot from the short film, The Heist.

Other Facts About The Film

Director: Alexander J. Greene

Run Time: 9:17 minutes

Genre: Comedy

Where To Find It: Youtube

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