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Short films are they worth it

Updated on February 25, 2017

Short films are they worth working on?

Working as an actor on a short film can be very beneficial though sometimes more tough than being on a Hollywood feature film.

Short films provide opportunity for new and inexperienced actors to get to grips with dialog and the feeling of being on a set.

Not to mention the abundance of show reel material you can gain from working on a short film.

Easy pickings

Plenty of casting opportunities on our Facebook Group London Actor and Models.

The problem however with short films are mainly financial and time restrictions, unlike big Hollywood productions with bags of money, short films are mostly financed by the director and possibly some crew, which equates to strict time restrictions at some locations.

This time restriction puts a lot of pressure on the actors to get it right first time as they can not afford to re-do scenes over and over again, which in a way is valuable experience and training for the actors.

Another issue is that Spotlight does not recognise your efforts on a short film as a credit even being a principal actor, but you can use the footage as part of your show reel which can lead to greater opportunities.

Not to mention these short films get entered into film festivals, and if won, can kick-start your career ten folds, uploading to YouTube the film can with the powers of social media gain millions of views within a short period of time, leading to all sorts of opportunities.

The pay for working on a short film can be very low and in some cases you work for free, in exchange for great material and valuable experience, so don’t knock it as you never know what’s around the corner!

You can Hire great costumes for your show reel or if your making the leap into film making, great little company operating from Bromley London called Larger Than Life Stage Wear. Pictured below I’m rocking one of their costumes (yes I know I’m cool)

If you’re looking for valuable experience with dialog and great material to use for your showreel and acting CV, then why not apply to be on a short film, but don’t expect the red carpet treatment as the budget doesn’t stretch that far, you will be lucky to get catering but let’s not let the formalities put you off as being on a short film is 100% worth its weight in gold.

Actor Yusuf Bassir Instagram flamedlotus
Actor Yusuf Bassir Instagram flamedlotus
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