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Should Charlie Rose Be Fired?

Updated on November 21, 2017

Should Charlie Rose Face Jail Time?

Charlie Rose was fired by CBS this morning beginning the fall out of his long television career after sexual harassment allegations from several women from PBS have surfaced over the past few days. This one was a complete shocker to me as I did not see Charlie as someone to take advantage of others. He seemed like a down to earth gentleman with good morals, but people can hide or mask their behaviors well which can cause us all to think that they are better people than what they are.

I do not believe Charlie Rose is a bad person, but I do feel he made a few mistakes which cost him in the end. Hopefully there can be criminal charges brought up in this case because it is such an important There is an alarming growing of a problem in television and of celebrities in general that we can always get away with any kind of behavior that we want because we are celebrities. This is a troublesome behavior that has caused a great deal of people to be hurt. It is not acceptable for these men to continue harming women by fulfilling their own sexual desires without consent or permission.

I was quite fond of Charlie Rose as he was someone I liked watching on the morning news when I was awake in the mornings. There was never a more professional anchor than Charlie Rose but now the question is does his legacy become forgotten because of some of the behaviors that he has demonstrated in the past?

This is a very touchy subject, but it is one of importance that our society must look at. We cannot just sit and turn our heads the other direction while these people are getting away with inappropriate behaviors.

This is another example of a positive role model making some mistakes that we do not want our children to follow in his footsteps. It is so hard to point out who the positive role models are in celebrities sometimes now because of these sexual misconduct issues that have arisen over the past year or two.

To the women who have been hurt by Charlie Roses actions and behaviors I apologize to you all on behalf of everyone. You did not deserve to be harassed and taken advantage of by these men. I think that women are expected to hold themselves to such high accountability and good behaviors that sometimes we let the men go and do not really focus on any of their behaviors because we just think it is okay for men to behave inappropriately at times.

I encourage all involved in these sexual conduct charges to really come together and try to brainstorm a short-term solution that will be suitable to all involved but more importantly let us start brainstorming for a long-term solution so that we can put an end to this terrible misconduct and help people move on with their lives. We really must start trying to get people to understand that it is not okay to hurt other people. That is a moral that our society sometimes likes to ignore.

A question that many of us are going to ask ourselves is do people in a position like Charlie Rose deserve to be fired and let go from their jobs? One could argue that they deserve much more than that. We must make an example of these celebrities because we do not want our children growing up thinking this kind of behavior is appropriate by any means.

Charlie now joins a whole list of names from celebrities in Hollywood to politicians who are defending themselves from serious sexual allegations. I think it is time that we really consider the underlying issue of this problem and that is when people of power think they can have their way with other people and it is okay to have their way with them because they are rich and can get whatever they want.

Why is it okay for a celebrity to get away with something that someone who is not a celebrity would never ever get away with? It is not, and we must not allow our society to pretend that it is okay for the rich and famous to sexually assault women while no other decent man would even dream of doing such a devastating act to her.

I imagine these women have been in silence for years not because they didn’t want to tell anyone what happened but possibly because they were afraid to come out and be the whistle blower. Being the whistle blower is never easy and it never will be, but I am glad these women have all found each other so that they can truly be the whistle blowers and help solve America’s problems with sexual harassment.

We will not solve America’s problem with just one or two people working toward a goal. We will solve this crisis in America when a whole team of us individuals come together to try and educate one another and advocate for one another so that our people are safe no matter where they are at in this great country. Perhaps Charlie Rose and some of the other men who have been accused of this sexual misconduct would even like to be involved in leading a group of like minded people who want to try and understand why celebrities feel like they have the power to do whatever they want even if that means hurting other people.

I invite all of you to take a few moments to take in what is going on with Charlie. One of America’s most beloved news anchor’s career is now all but over. But what did he gain? What does he really have to show for it?

What is your opinion? Does Charlie Rose deserve to be fired from CBS This Morning? Does he deserve to be criminally charged? What civil and criminal punishment do you think is fair for Charlie Rose? Please share your thoughts with me as this topic is of interest to me and many others.


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