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Should I Pay Money To Have my Talents Seen?

Updated on May 25, 2015

Pay Me And I'll Promote Your Work Online

Maybe I just don't know the way the game works because I'm not actually in the industry myself. What I can tell you though is that all these online advertisers aren't fooling anybody but themselves. The reason I discuss this topic is because via social network a lot of people are telling me they like my projects and want to work with me. Of course for a small fee we can conduct business together. I just don't seem to understand how someone who grew there own media for free just by gaining likes or followers thinks that they can get other people to pay for a service they gained for free."1,000 dollars I'll get your page promoted for a month, 5,000 dollars I'll promote it for 5 months and get you played on a local radio station" What happens if you pay that money and you get burnt and see nothing and everything they try to tell you is a lie? I feel like if someone really likes your work and is somebody in a high enough position to get you're work recognized whatever it is you do they should invest in you. You the artist should be trying to sale your self to them not the other way around. Convince them why they should put money into you, and why you know you can be a success. If you can make there bank accounts digits longer why wouldn't they take the chance. You know that you're powerful and you're words mean something to the world and with your talents they will get you're money back with interest. That's the way I believe the way the industry works. An how can somebody struggling themselves afford to pay such a hefty price just to get online exposure. All you get is a load of junk told to you and once you're convinced they bring you there paypal information or credit card form for you to pay. Don't get me wrong now if you're paying for someone's work whether it be an instrumental that someone made, or you're paying them a service then yes by all means that should be paid for.

Don't let these people fool you and trick you into spending money just for something that they got for free. For years people have been paying and giving money to people for great work because they know that they'll going to get money back just by you being the great artist you are. I hope people don't to fall victim to these scams, never once have I paid for such a foolish thing because these scam artist slash so called business owners will take any form of garbage long as they get paid. I've giving publishers my book and been written hours later telling me that " we can publish it just check out our package deals". Once I do all I see is a big sum of money I would need to pay in order to get started and how I would get bigger royalties then all the other big name company's would offer. You have to stop and think to yourself did they even stop to read it? Typically business publishers can take up to 16 weeks to even write you back at times. If they write you back to fast they either A. Don't want your work and it doesn't suit what there looking for. Or B there feeding you're brain food thoughts and leaving you with the bill to pay. It happen to me with my music I sent a so called "label" three songs and wrote me back 1 minute later saying I fit his criteria and all he needed me to do was pick the package I wanted on his site. Obviously for the right price we would be able to do business but where does that leave me afterwards?. Paying more people for more advertisement when its possible that you can get advertisement on you're own. Spending you're hard earned money from your day job to keep there pockets large while other victims continue to fall into this trap. This article is dedicated to all the hard working musicians and writers out there to don't give up ever. Don't let these players outplay you, be patient, keep working hard and someday your big break will come.


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