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Should Torrent Sites movie websites be illegal

Updated on December 9, 2010

Torrent Sites

    So you've been really craving to see that new Transformers 2 movie thats already grossed more than $708,272,592 worldwide,thats alot of money from movie goers but is it enough? I asked that question because its probably lost more money than its grossed due to torrent sites. You can simply go online to watch or download a fresh copy thats similar to being at the theater in top quality if you know what you're doing on these torrent sites. I mean they have TS Screeners n lots of stuff,I was amazed at how excellent they perform. This should really be illegal but somehow there are 10 more sites popping up for every 2 thats taken down.

   The industry should do more to shut these sites down but they throw you in jail for watching these movies that are readily available,is that fair? Of course its not fair at all,people are actually making a living selling bootleg copies on the street,selling copies of movies already released on Ebay,Amazon and other sites. It all starts with torrent sites,you ask why I am making a big fuss about torrent sites,you say I am trying to ruin your good thing,well its not that at all. I really just miss the good ole days when you could go to the show to actually see the movie then tell your friends about it later,its just the experience of being out n having fun with other people,people who now choose to stay home to save money and view these sites that should be illegal as in stealing.

    The big torrent sites have been around for many years,never getting shut down and having everything from movies to games to music,whatever you need its there,but is it worth the risk of visiting these sites n going to jail because sooner or later you would get caught. Piratebay,torrentbox,mininova,isohunt are just a few of the biggest sites so what do you do Mr Policeman take millions upon millions of people to jail or just pick a couple hundred random to make it like you are doing your part in the fight against torrent sites.

   Does everyone know that if you continue to utilize the stuff on these sites you will no longer be able to even go to the theater  because the movies will be released straight to dvd or online so you'd end up having to pay one way or the other? Actually it would be a great idea to release a movie online where as the viewer has to pay to watch the movie,can only view the movie one time,cannot download it direct,this would make those hollywood producers extremely happy. So why have you not thought of this? 

   Its clear that the torrent sites will remain,the industry will still lose money,people will still continue to download without fear,a handfull will even go to jail. The way the economy is today can you really afford to go to the theater pay admission,buy food n drinks,not go broke. Popcorn in the theaters these days are between $3 to $5.50 and you've already payed admission,plus you're not allowed to bring your own food or drink for sitting through a 2 hour movie. You're bound to get hungry so lets get them to change the rules,if we are paying admission,let us bring our own food n drinks,allow us to save some money because without us all you have is a movie that you have spent millions making that nobodys going to be able to afford to see.

Should torrent sites be illegal?

Is it right to go after the downloaders?

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Tags on the inside,wear n return

     Some would say this is the best way to stay stylish and save money,I would say its very un sanitary. People of all ages going to the mall,purchasing clothes for which they wear one night with tags still attached but hidden,to return the next day. If the tags are still in tact you know there is no chance that the clothes these people have worn has been washed. You may in fact be wearing the shirt,dress,pants off someone back,and that my friend is nasty. What about when people go n try on clothes then decide not to purchase? Thats nasty too because you never know what kind of germs or diseases people may carry.

     So here is what I do when purchasing a item from a mall or department store, I give the smell check, if it wreaks of perfume or cologne its not a keeper. If it has stains of any kind its not a keeper. If there is a loose thread its not a keeper. But remember some people can be sanitary where as you never know if its been worn or not,so you must wash all clothing you have purchased when you get home.

     Should department stores turn down certain people who want to try on clothing based on appearance? Example: An teen has walked into a store grabbing a outfit for which she wants to try on,but she has a oder and the clothing she has on looks as though she'd been wearing them for days,should she be allowed to try on clothing or should she be refused like the movie Pretty woman where Julia Roberts played a hooker,in one scene Julia goes into a upscale store dressed as a hooker and is refused service even though she has the money to pay,should this be allowed?

We want to hear from you all so dont forget to stop down n take the poll below.

Should department stores or malls refuse people to try clothing based on appearance?

Should bad appearance get you refusal to try on clothing?

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