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Should You Go To See The Movie Ouija This Halloween?

Updated on October 27, 2014

Ouija Movie


Every Board Game Needs a Movie

Ouija is the movie that everybody can relate to this holiday season, but only before the movie starts. We're all familiar with the board and planchette (the rounded triangular piece of wood that moves), but are we familiar with the rules? Apparently, you have to follow them. Don't ever play the game in a cemetery, don't play on your own, and definitely don't forget to say goodbye. "Hi friend" becomes the themed phrase throughout the movie as all of the teens receive the message in one way or another.

The film follows five teenagers who recently lost a friend to suicide. They use the Ouija board as an attempt to communicate with the dead in hopes of finding out how their friend truly died. What's good about this movie is it gives you all the thrills of a horror movie without actually being scary. Those of you who want something more akin to The Conjuring or Insidious should stay clear of this one. This is closer to that of a Final Destination where you know each kid is slowly getting picked off one by one. The question becomes how scary or gory can we make it? With a PG-13 rating, you won't be getting much gore and you can expect the violence to be minimal. You might find yourself getting all the screams out of the way during the trailers for the coming-soon flicks. You'll be wondering at the end of the movie why those ones haven't come out yet.

The fun comes in when the teens actually start playing the game. You might recognize the boys from shows or movies you've seen before. There's the always-cocky Daren Kagasoff from The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and if Douglas Smith looks familiar, it's because he was in Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters, but he only had one eye. The main girl is one with blossoming potential, and there's hope that in the coming years, she won't disappoint.

If you disagree, find me one substantial actress who doesn't have a crappy horror film at the start of their career. You can almost predict when they're going to be good. You saw Rooney Mara in the remake of The Nightmare on Elm Street right before she became best buddies with David Fincher. Jennifer Lawrence had to make sure she got The House at the End of the Street off her chest before accepting her Academy Award. Emily Blunt has Wind Chill, Jennifer Connelly has Dark Water, Naomi Watts has The Ring remakes, and now Alice Englert has In Fear, so we already know where she's headed.

This Halloween might be better spent snuggling up with your friend or loved one while watching something scary on TV or renting the latest horror from the video store. If you find it necessary to go to your nearest theater to watch something on the big screen, choose Nightcrawler or Gone Girl; it'll be money better spent.

To answer the question, no you shouldn't go to see the movie Ouija this Halloween. Take your girlfriend or boyfriend, so you can feel like you've crossed 'getting scared during a horror movie' off your list, but don't feel bad when you lie about it. Invite friends over for movie night, throw a rager, or take your little cousin you didn't even know you had trick-or-treating.

Happy Halloween!

Movies similar to Ouija: Final Destination, Stay Alive, Jumanji

Alternate options: Nightcrawler, Gone Girl, The Equalizer

Quip: If you have trouble with the pronunciation, it's funnier than you think.


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