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Should Success of a Television Show's Merchandise Determine Television Programming Success?

Updated on June 3, 2014
by Jason Csizmadi (also check
by Jason Csizmadi (also check | Source

It really is not right

While this subject does not apply to all programming it is clearly a major subject that does have influence over whether programming does or does not stay on the television. Recently, two programs were on television Green Lantern:The Animated Series and Young Justice, on Cartoon Network.

Green Lantern, on for one television season, and Young Justice, on for two seasons, have been taken from television. It seems both programs were popular enough to be apart of a block of shows on television known as the DC Nation. The question is though why were these programs cut off? There reason itself is not really right.

Before I go into that, first,

1) What program did you watch that was cancelled? Did you think it should have been?

2) What program, that is off, do you think that should be brought back to the television?

Please comment below:

An article was written at IGN, at, with the title,Green Lantern: The Animated Series Star Discusses The Show's End. In the article, the star of the shows fondness for the program. He also mentions that toys and the lack of having those toys, for the program, would determine whether the show would stay on the air or if it would be taken from television.

He would come to understand a lack of performance, in fact, from a movie version of the Green Lantern's toys in stores would work together with a lack of toys for the new cartoon to lead to the show's demise. The program would need its own merchandise in order to survive.

This is however is not the only program to suffer a similar fate. In 2010, Genndy Tartakovsky would bring a program to Cartoon Network known as Symbionic Titan. The program would come to television with a 20 episode season in place to either succeed or fail. The show would be cancelled after the first season. This was also due to a lack of merchandise for the program. At Screenrant, at, Tartakovsky would hint that a lack of merchandise would be the reason for the show's demise.

Symbionic Titan has since been put into a block of television on Cartoon Network, Toonami. While lack of merchandise does not have influence on every show taken off of the air,it is clear public popularity of certain programs is not enough it seems to keep these shows on the air.

Green Lantern, Young Justice, Teen Titans, Spectacular Spiderman, Samurai Jack and Symbionic Titan all represent programs the public did enjoy but because of, in some cases, merchandise, lack of it or other factors, the programs are taken off of the air after a short season run. The funny thing is these are all animations.

In 2002, Fox would premiere a show known as Firefly. The show was extremely popular with the public and would receive an Emmy Award in 2003 for its visual effects. The show was taken off of the air towards the end of its first season. The show would later be brought back in movie form in 2005. Joss Whedon,would produce a number of popular shows on Fox which would include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and even Dollhouse.

He would later be the director of Marvel's huge big budget film The Avengers. There is a great concern when looking at programs like Firefly, Green Lantern: The Animated Series or Symbionic Titan and, in some cases, because of a lack of merchandise or success selling that merchandise, these solid programs disappear and fans of the shows are left to wonder what did happen.

If the public knew that because a themed lunch box did not sell, action figures are not available for certain shows or that toys for a program are not available in a McDonald's Happy Meal, the public could lose their programs in a whim, television producers would have to revise their methods.

There is a hope Green Lantern; The Animated Series and Young Justice find a home on a new network or return Cartoon Network, on Toonami or maybe Adult Swim,. The individuals who put work into those programs would work extremely hard on them. It is clear because of the number of fans these shows would carry.

Here is hoping going forward television networks find a new formula for keeping and getting rid of programs people do enjoy. Here is the hope they do not base their final judgment, going forward. Here is the hope they do not base their final judgement on how plastic toys sell in the store, or some other reason, that somehow overrides the judgment of the many fans of those programs. I hope they can find a new voice. I hope they can listen to the fans, use the new media available today to make these popular programs more immersive for the public.

Make the toys and merchandise with the heart of the fans in mind. Make spin offs of programs, carelessly, to create new universes, more opportunities for fans to interact and enjoy their television shows. In all of this, the a television program made with heart will see its money,probably more money. The television studios will make a lot of money and the public can enjoy their programming.

By VRYSXY69 (Boby Member since 2007)
By VRYSXY69 (Boby Member since 2007) | Source


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