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Sing, Perform, Enjoy!

Updated on September 29, 2012


Be inspired!

There are times we look for inspiration and we find it in the least expected places. I have always enjoyed surfing the internet and finding interesting pictures, videos, facts and up and coming talent. We have been brought a lot closer to one another with the availability of facebook, youtube, twitter and hubpages. We can create a video when we have overcome our shyness and sing to our hearts content. Not everyone who puts a video up on youtube finds immediate popularity but the opportunity to showcase your talent is a real possibility. You just have to find the right setting for performing, prepare yourself for doing your absolute best, position your video recorder properly so it captures your very essence in your performance and accentuates your whole personality and your inner determination and heart. We all have a dream and a wish to perform and be noticed and with the explosion of the internet and youtube you can get your message out there and show the world your talent in a heartbeat. It just is a matter of planning, being prepared, having an idea, having the talent and ability and not being afraid to show the world what you can do.

I have always enjoyed watching videos of young performers who are virtually unknown and I believe it would be a great idea to post their videos to my youtube account, my facebook page and in my hubpage writings. I feel it would be great to share such talent and in my own way expose these wonderful performances. I'm sure they have been seen many times over by the time I have come across them but I still feel it would be a great idea to post and write about these young performers who I feel deserve the attention. I have no connections to the media world other than my social connections but now that we each have a voice that can reach beyond our home and into the highly travelled world of the internet we can have an impact.

We all want to have our "15" minutes and have a way of conveying our feelings, our thoughts, our dreams, our hopes, our wishes, our visions and our ideas. I have been involved in writing a blog about autism and discussing my personal experiences in raising a son on the autistic spectrum and I so desperately want to help my son to learn confidence, to never be afraid, to realize he is very bright, talented and has so much potential. He should never feel different or that he does not fit in. He needs to learn that he has the same opportunities to look forward to as any child and should never be singled out because he is autistic.

I also wish to inspire my son and by showing him the videos of young kids performing I hope to somehow spark his interest and develop his desire to find a positive way to express himself. It is music that helps all of us to express ourselves and calm us as we experience lives filled with everyday pressure and stress. When we need to get away from the everyday stresses of life we seek things that help us to relax and enjoy our time away from the typical routine. Autistic children have more difficulties in expressing themselves so music is a great way to bring them out and share a part of themselves. My son has the ability to sing when he is in the mood and when he sings a song he likes he can really touch his audience. Sometimes he can be very silly when he sings but when he is serious about it and is on he can really impress and make people smile and feel good. I certainly love to hear my son sing when he wishes to and I will give him his space and allow him to feel natural as he sings. I never want him to feel like he is forced to sing. I want him to be relaxed, natural and sometimes be a bit funny.

My wife loves karaoke and when she and her friends gather for occasions they takes turns singing and when my son feels inspired he too will participate and when he does he really wows our guests and we are impressed. I would love to encourage my son to continue his singing and would love to expose him to learning and playing some musical instruments. I sometimes wish I was a kid again and I developed an interest in playing the guitar. I would love to write my own music and perform if I had the talent. They always say you are never too old but realistically speaking I would rather see my son exhibit this interest and to express himself through music and singing. He certainly has the talent. I remember seeing my son sing an Elvis Presley song and then go into singing Funky Town and I remember thinking to myself, "Wow"! He really can sing! I want Matty to know he can sing and he can do anything he sets his mind to. I just feel we as parents owe it to our children to guide them, encourage them and let them dream and believe that anything is possible. I always support my son in all he wishes to do and I try to help him to build his confidence and to find himself so he can show others what a beautiful person he is. He should never close himself off to others. I know the feeling and it is way too real for me and I don't want him to feel that same painful isolation. Sadly most autistic children do feel isolation and have few friends. It is knowing this that I need to try and motivate my son so he can get past this low point and so he can experience joy and happiness. Kids growing up have so many challenges that we as parents feel it is absolutely imperative that we point our kids in the right direction and inspire them or at least help them to find something they like to do that will also enable them to make friends.

It is true we live through our children and sometimes impose our dreams and hopes on to our children but we are all good intentioned and only want the best for them. I just want my son to be happy and to find something healthy to do that will provide him with challenge, teach him to learn something worthwhile, allow him to feel success and achievement and provide him a feeling of love and acceptance for his incredible newly acquired talent that translates into future success and happiness.

As we live and share a part of ourselves with others and we learn to accept ourselves and believe in ourselves we will find we can do anything we set our mind to and there will be no stopping us. The sky is the limit and I want my son to know this every day of his life.

Reach for the stars Matty, just like I say in our website

Edward D. Iannielli III

If I Die Young Sophia Grace

Build me up buttercup Paulina Sinaga

Hey Soul Sister Tiffany Alvord

With or Without You Sungha Jung

Caroline Costa Incroyable Talent

My Heart will go on Jasmine Fernandez

Music compilation Erin "Leyley"

Heartbreak Hotel, FunkyTown Matty Iannielli

She's always a Woman Matty Iannielli

Mama Mia Matty Iannielli

Jingle Bells Matty Iannielli


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