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Other Crime Drama TV Shows Like Criminal Minds

Updated on April 24, 2011

Criminal Profilers to the Rescue

Criminal Minds is about how a team of FBI profilers gets into the minds of the most twisted criminals, to bring them to justice.

My favorite thing about this show is how each unique member of the team works together to sift through the most subtle clues, to anticipate the criminals next move, and to flush out their true identities.

This show gives me the same sort of feel when I was reading Silence of the Lambs and The Red Dragon. What great is that since it's a TV series, the continuity in character development and interactions is really satisfying.

TV Trailer of Criminal Minds

Lie to Me

Shows like Criminal Minds not only gives us suspense and excitement. Each episode can also a source of interest science facts, especially on the criminal science in terms of the art and science of criminal profiling.

Lie To Me is also based on similar premise of using science to help solve problems. In this case the focus is on a team of deception specialist that helps to get to the bottom of mostly life and death matters.

Even though the show is focused on using behavioral science to spot deception and get at the truth, I like it that all the episodes are very different. The key characters are also very likable in terms of their individual quirks with interesting dynamics between them that evolves significantly with each episode.

I especially enjoy it when they show photos of famous people who are betraying their real emotions with their facial expressions or unconscious body language.

Maybe someday we'll be able to spot real liars that come our way?


The TV show Castle sort of turns the table on the law enforcement people by having bestselling author who uses his unique perspective to get into the killers minds and help the police to solve murders.

If you loved Criminal Minds plot elements but preferred a more lighthearted take on solving murders then Castle is the show for you. My favorite TV star Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Drive) stars as the wisecracking author Rick Castle, which is a huge plus point for me.


Who better to get into the minds of serial killers than another serial killer.

Meet Dexter Morgan. Blood splatter specialist for the Miami police by day, and serial killer by night. You see Dexter is a unique breed of serial killer that brings his brand of justice by executing other serial killers.

Shows like Criminal Minds looks at the serial killers from the investigative work by the profilers . So Dexter is kind of like the opposite of Criminal Minds by viewing thinks from a serial killer point of view. You might be surprised but like Criminal Minds that are some truly subtle but funny moments in each episode.

Some of the most intense episodes are when Dexter goes up against his deadliest opponent in the form of the Trinity serial killer played by scary John Lithgow.

I wonder how Dexter Morgan will stack up if he goes up against the profilers from Criminal Minds.

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