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Other Medical Drama TV Shows Like House

Updated on April 24, 2011

The Doctor is in the House

Meet one of the most brilliant, egoistic and sarcastic doctor that had, is and will ever grace your TV screen.

House is played to perfection by the Hugh Laurie, who is really very humble & endearing in person. If seven seasons and counting of the TV show House still have you wanting more. Why not try some of these other TV shows that shares share most of what makes House some uniquely addictive. 


Ok the doctor in this case is much easier on the eyes than Dr House. But underneath that sexy exterior is a mostly tactless but brilliant bone forensic specialists who is equally if not more fixated on finding the truth. In this case the truth is the cause of death that is nearly always obscured by some of the most incredible deaths ever conceived on TV. 

So if you're looking for shows similar to House but with a murder case & detective drama elements than the show Bones is the choice for you.

I especially enjoy the subtly handled love chemistry between the brash worldly detective played by David Boreanaz, and the sexy but clueless Dr played by the endearing Emily Deschanel. 

Grey's Anatomy

Shows Like House gives medical dramas an interesting spin with its offbeat wit tinge with a touch sarcasm. The medical drama Grey's Anatomy is similar to House in that it has an addictive script filled with great lines delivered with perfect timing by the talented cast.

The great thing about Grey Anatomy is that it has a larger regular cast than House which usually translates into more frantic parallel story arcs that some how gels beautifully together. Although I'm no doctor, I feel that these 2 TV shows gives more realistic portrayals of medical professionals who has to face life & death situations day in day out while still juggling the trials & tribulations in their lives.  

Jonathan Creek

First we take our favorite show House and swap the medical diagnosis mystery for a seemingly impossible crime. Then we swap out our sarcastic genius of a doctor with a magician inventor who is equally brilliant.

What we now have is a show called Jonathan Creek who might look quite different from the series House but that also bring the same enjoyable sense of unraveling a gordian knot of a problem with every episode.

Give Jonathan Creek a try if you like to give your mind a good workout once in a while.

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    • mcrawford76 profile image

      Matthew I Crawford 6 years ago from Greeley, Colorado

      I've watched House enough times to know that it bugs me. How is it remotely possible that this same team get's these mind blowing impossible cases week after week. I haven't watched any of the others. Sorry. Needed to vent.