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10 Deceptive TV Shows Like Revenge

Updated on August 27, 2019
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A film buff who enjoys watching a range of different films from funny rom coms to intense thrillers.

Still can't over with Emily Thorne's astonishing portrayal in Revenge? Looking for your next television love that has rich people with money issues and bizarre dramas similar to the series?

Luck's in your way the moment you click this content! Let us uncover the top ten shows similar to Revenge that is guaranteed to blow your mind!

Revenge was a big hit, luring thousands of fans across the world. It is an American drama TV series made by Mike Kelley which debuted in September 2011 — inspired by The Count of Monte Cristo, a novel written by Alexandre Dumas. The show is twisty, dark, and full of mysteries.

As the title suggests, it is about Emily Thorne's revenge to those who judged her father to prison for a crime he did not commit. Something is amusing on the dialogue - from the poetic quotes of Emily to the Shakespearean lingo used all through the story. Its dynamic characters and spellbinding storylines make viewers come back for more.

Without further ado, here's a list of best shows like Revenge that is a part thriller and part love story. Enjoy!

5 stars for Revenge

TV Shows Similar to Revenge

  1. Pretty Little Liars
  2. Ringer
  3. Riverdale
  4. Scandal
  5. Gossip Girl
  6. Scream Queens
  7. The Lying Game
  8. Deception
  9. Twisted
  10. Devious Maids

#1 Pretty Little Liars

What made Pretty Little Liars a massive hit in the American television series? It boasts talented ensemble casts and intricately interlaced storylines. This teen drama series by I. Marlene King is full of mystery and intrigue that will surely keep your curiosity awake as well as your eyes glued until the finale.

Follow the secrets and lives of four friends - Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna - who watched their treasured gang scattered after the disappearance of their leader Alison. Enjoy a tour to Rosewood Pennsylvania as gossip booms. Everyone has their own secrets to hide. It is for you to find out. After Alison's disappearance, the girls are getting messages from an anonymous "A" who claims to know their secrets. The level of mystery and suspense you're looking for a good show is there, which makes it very interesting.

#2 Ringer

Intense, fun, mysterious, and a pretty good show. Ringer doesn't know how to disappoint both avid and casual viewers, thanks to the pilot's enough turns and twists. Ringer is aTV series from the US that was originally aired on September of 2011-April of 2012 on The CW. Sarah Michelle Gellar plays twin sisters Bridget Kelly (a stripper in Wyoming and a recovering drug addict) and Siobhan Martin (who commit suicide). Bridget then assumes the identity that her twin sister left and attempts to fit into her wealthy social circle, including the husband, stepdaughter, and best friend of Siobhan.

If you're tired of supernatural series, Ringer could offer you other things to make your day less boring. Contains pretty actual cliffhangers and well-paced anticipation in a sense that you wouldn't want to stand from where you sit. Every episode is worth watching.

#3 Riverdale

If you love the Archie Comics, then I can assure you'll never want to get your eyes off of your television set once the Riverdale series starts. The content of the story begins after the death of Jason Blossom, a beloved, well-known teenage. Archie, Jughead, Veronica, and Betty do the uncovering of dark secrets and find out what Riverdale truly is about. These and more while trying to manage their own personal issues.

We can say this show has the perfect balance between mystery and teen drama. One minute you're shipping a particular character to another, the next your heart suddenly races upon discovering the murderer of Jason. Riverdale is a kind of TV series you will not have a hard time relating to every scene and character.

#4 Scandal

Want to unveil another form of secrets? Travel to Washington D.C. and meet Olivia Pope. She is known as a professional fixer along with her team. They spend most of their days protecting and defending the public images of the capital cities elite. Every scene is packed with vengeance, excitement, danger, etc.

Even Rihanna got enticed with this series. Of course, we cannot overlook the acting prowess of Olivia Pope played by Kerry Washington. She is unapologetic, demanding, and even kicks serious ass. No one would dare to mess with her as well as her team. There's romance, too and insane chemistry between Fitz and Olivia. Even you won't deny it!

#5 Gossip Girl

A strangely addicting television show. Gossip Girl is an American teen series with a bit similarity to Pretty Little Liars. The difference is that a blogger is known as "Gossip Girl" targets all the wealthy kids of the Upper East Side aside from high schoolers. Numerous scandals and secrets are being shared. Gossip Girl is quite bizarre, hilarious, and suspenseful, making it one of the must-watch shows.

Throughout some seasons, the real identity of Gossip Girl remains a mystery. It adds to the show's overall quality. You might get crazy and have fun at the same time determining who the person behind the brand name "Gossip Girl" is. While it has never been a rating winner, its influence still outshines.

#6 Scream Queens

Despise or admire this show with a passion. Scream Queens is specifically for 90s slasher movie buffs. The plot documents a group of college students who starts getting killed one after the other. The possibility of determining the main killer being one in the group increases as the mystery starts to unravel. However, Scream Queens is not for everyone due to its gore and strong language. (Don't say we didn't warn you!) Nevertheless, it is not intended to be taken seriously. The humorousness and ridiculousness of the characters as well as the scenes, are what make the show worth watching.

Tell you what, the sorority president played by Emma Roberts may be cruel, merciless, and elusively racist killer, however, she is the hilarious character you'll come across in the show. Be ready to fill up your mystery needs!

#7 The Lying Game

The Lying Game is a thriller television show based upon the book series by Sara Shepard. It tackles a lot of high school drama, including popularity contests, deception, cattiness, and romance. Though, one unique thing about the story is that the protagonist typically casts her behavior lightly negative. Teens are also allowed to keep them on the edge of their seat, watching it only if you can completely handle the mystery and suspense.

It features the life of Emma Becker, who discovers she has an identical twin sister called Sutton Mercer. Emma took the initiative to step into Sutton's world while she pursues the lead their biological mother's mysterious identity. In the end, Emma should decide whether to put her safety at risk and come clean regarding her identity in the hope of revealing the whereabouts of her twin sister.

#8 Deception

Love watching drama shows that is packed with bad guys, magic, and action? You'll never go wrong with Deception! As a viewer, of course, you want a show that can completely lure you into the story of each character, how they fight the odds and their imperfections. And, this series by Liz Heldens is no exception. Ideal for families with older kids.

Cameron Black is a popular magician who helps the FBI to solve a crime while utilizing his magician skills. We can say that Deception is not just a regular crime-fighting television series. There are numerous interesting twists in solving a crime with a little bit of humor in between.

#9 Twisted

Another teen drama mystery-thriller we have on the list that you need to binge-watch this weekend is the Twisted. It focuses on the story of Danny Desai, a pleasant 16-year old who was charged with murdering his aunt. After spending nearly 5 years in juvenile detention, he returned to his hometown. His adventures go on along with added suspense and mysteries you should not miss watching.

We can say you will also love this series as much as we do because of the entire story and dialogue. Not to mention, the main character is oozing with charm. The compelling performance of Jorgia also proves an excellent combination of fascinating and chilling. So, the next time you're planning to spend quality time with your friends, better include Twisted in your list of must-watch American series.

#10 Devious Maids

Let me start by saying the dialogue and storyline of the series Devious Maids are too cute and fixed to hold the interest of viewers for long. It is also the cast, including Judy Reyes and Ana Ortiz that commands attention. Devious Maids is a dramatic-comedy show which is an American adaptation of a Mexican soap opera. While the content is not too strong, it still has plenty of mature stuff.

The story revolves around the lives of 5 tight-knit maids working in Beverly Hills, California. It highlights ethnic/racial stereotypes that especially surround Latina maids to create some uneasily tense or amusing moments. Overall, Devious Maids is very entertaining and is well-written.

The Hamptons
The Hamptons | Source

What other tv shows like Revenge do you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Harry Sheen


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