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Recommended Smart Criminal Movies & TV Shows Like White Collar

Updated on August 28, 2011

It Takes A Thief to Catch Another

The show White Collar gives you an unlikely team of charming conman Neal Caffey played by Matthew Bomer and the by the book FBI agent Peter Burke played by Tim Dekay.

The suarve and debonair Caffey is the perfect white collar criminal to catch others like him. The uneasy partnership between Caffey & Burke is filled with lots of surprises, funny moments and most important of all engaging characters that will grow on you.

If you loved White Collar and want to see other shows it, then read on to see our list of recommendations.

The debonair Neal Caffey played by the suave Matthew Bomer.
The debonair Neal Caffey played by the suave Matthew Bomer.

TV Trailer of White Collar


In shows like White Collar we usually have a anti-hero out to redemp himself by helping other people. Leverage follows and expands on the plot premise of White Collar by having a team of expert thieves that goes after corrupt corporations in elaborate schemes. 

The team in Leverage is like a band of modern day Robin Hood & his merry men who helps honest people to stand up against injustice.

Burn Notice

If you loved white Collar but want something more exciting with a unique blend of action, romance and humor, then Burn Notice is for you.

In Burn Notice a former covert operative who finds himself cut off from his organisation and left to fend for himself. To make ends meet, he re-invents himself as a private detective armed with his spy skills which somehow always results in big explosions.

What makes this show so unique is that Michael Western played by Jeffrey Donovan is a hard hitting covert operative with a soft spot for his underdog clients. what makes him so special is his uncanny MacGyver-like skill of making deadly devices out of ordinary everyday items and the way he elegantly applies his spy craft strategy and techniques in the intelligent & fast paced plot twists.


Dexter is not exactly a normal good guy. But he does have two things going for him. One, he is a likable guy (only when he doesn't have you taped on to a table). Two, he is a serial killer who only kills other serial killers.

I like to think of Dexter as a more sinister version of Neal Caffey that's very handy with sharp instruments. He also chose to use his unique (ahem) skills to try to do good by catching others like him.

You might not expect this but the show Dexter also quite funny especially when Dexter tries to juggle his day job and relationships, with his darker extracurricular activities.

The charismatic Simon Baker as the Mentalist.
The charismatic Simon Baker as the Mentalist.

The Mentalist

The TV series The Mentalist is another great show like White Collar where a guy with questionable ethics starts using their unique skills to help people to right wrongs.

In the Mentalist, the charismatic Simon Baker which projects similar vibes to Matthew Bomer in While Collar. The mentalist was previously a smooth as silk con artist, who now  uses his considerable understanding of human nature to solve crimes.

More Shows Like White Collar

If you love the show White Collar then here are more shows just like it about con artists with hearts of gold.

Here are some of my recommendations of movies like White Collar. One of my favorites films with similar themes to White Collar are Catch Me If You Can starring the charismatic Leonardo Dicaprio who kind of reminds me of Neal Caffey.    

Another of my favorites of a group of con artist who comes together to do something good is Ocean Eleven, starring suave & confident George Clooney & Brad Pitt.

Movie Trailer of Catch Me If You Can

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