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6 Amazing Shows like Black Mirror You Should Not Miss Out On

Updated on November 18, 2017
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Rahul is a TV addict who can never get enough of good shows. His all-time favorites are 'The Wire', 'Breaking Bad', and 'The Sopranos.'

Let’s admit it. Black Mirror might look pretty with all the futuristic gadgets, but things get ugly really fast. Every episode starts off slowly, painting a pretty picture of the world, and then comes the hurricane that blows everything away. The mess that remains is disturbing, and to some extent, suffocating..

There is no doubt that Black Mirror has established itself as one of the most loved sic-fi shows over the last couple of years. The only apparent problem with it is that there isn’t enough content to keep you going for a long time. As every season packs only a handful of episodes, you’re bound to suffer from withdrawal for rest of the time. Fret not. I’ve got your fix.

Being a huge fan of this series, I have compiled a list of some best shows like Black Mirror. Let’s take a look.

Dead Set - A zombie show like Black Mirror

A zombie outbreak occurs during the shoot of Big Brother, spiraling things out of control in the outside world. The housemates, however, are unaware of anything happening outside the house. What’s going to happen when they finally come face to face with the reality that the world they used to know doesn’t exist anymore? Grab some popcorn and get ready for a gore-fest.

I wasn’t expecting much from this show. To my surprise, it turned out to be much more than a brain-dead zombie show. The acting might feel a little off at times, but a brilliant storyline will keep you going.

The special effects are well done for a low-budget show. Even though the jerky camera angles might annoy you a little at first, you’ll get used to it after some time.

There aren’t any cliché jumpscares, but it will scare you to some degree. An intriguing, spellbinding story is what this show aims for, and it delivers in an emphatic fashion.

Since it’s a gore-fest, gorehounds will have a lot to feast their eyes on. A good mixture of violence and some dark humor makes for an entertaining show that’ll keep you hooked till the very last moment.

Mr. Robot

The story follows Elliot, a cyber security engineer, who can hack into almost anything using his unbelievable skills. He looks perfect on the outside. Delve deeper and you’ll find out that his world is falling apart. He sees people who aren’t here, talks to himself a little too much, and sometimes, forgets his own identity. What’s real and what’s not?

Things get worse when Elliot joins an activist group who task him to take down his own organization with his hacking skills and expose the secrets hidden beneath the firewalls and encryptions. Which side will he choose?

If you somehow still haven’t watched it, you’re missing out on one of the best contemporary shows. Even if you don’t know much about hacking or computers, you’ll still love it. The dynamics between the characters are to die for. The way every character is fleshed out is nothing short of amazing. It feels as if you know them personally.

While everyone has done a commendable job with their roles. the main draw, however, is Elliot, our protagonist who is expert in beating world’s best firewalls but can’t tame his inner demons. Have you ever felt alone even when you’re amongst people? Ever felt like you don’t belong in a group? If yes, you are going to empathize with his character. It’s hard to look away every time he appears on the screen. The drug addiction and panic attacks have turned his life upside down. You’ll be rooting for this anti-hero all the way through.

Of course, it wouldn’t be possible without funny and though-provoking dialogues he is given through the whole episode. The subtle digs at the world we live in is a stroke of genius. It might make you chuckle, but you’d be thinking about the dialogues for a long time.

With the third season just around the corner, there couldn’t be a better time to catch up with the show.

The Leftovers - One of the most underrated shows like Black Mirror

Based on the novel by Tom Perrotta, The Leftovers revolves around the aftermath of a sudden disappearance of around 2% of the world’s population. It focuses on the grief, anger, and despair of the families who’ve lost their loved ones in a flash.

Where to start with this show? It’s one of those rare serials that can make you laugh and cry at the same time. The storylines seem a bit outlandish at times, but the way writers and actors pull everything off can’t be described in words. The writers have experimented with different storylines throughout the 3 seasons, and it has worked for them for the most part.

They have absolutely nailed it with one tear-jerking episode after the other. The last few episodes of the second season will crush you. Keep a box of tissues handy. While the show has its fair share of humor, you’ll not be smiling a lot. The dark and depressing tone never lets up.

Background music brings some life into a depressing, and to some extent, suffocating plot. It’s loaded with some of the best tracks you’ll ever hear.

It’s sad to See The Leftovers go so soon. Even though everyone loved it, the show never had the desired audience. Props to HBO for giving it a proper farewell in form of the third and the last season.

Since it consists of only 30 episodes, there are chances that you'd burn through the whole thing pretty quickly. It’s a good thing that the show is re-watchable. Go through it again, and you’ll still love every moment of it.


Make sure you know about Deep Web first before getting into this series as the whole story revolves around porn addiction, online cults, sex trade, hacking and much more – things that only take place on the Deep Web. Although every episode features a new story, every tale is interlinked in one way or the other, building up to the ultimate conclusion. The common theme of every episode is a fictional Deep Web website called ‘Darknet” – a place where you can find answers to every morbid question. Like, where to hide the body after murder?

To add to the immersion, they have gone out of their way to create a website in real life just like they’ve shown in the serial. It looks and functions just like the one in the show. Cool, isn’t it?

I really loved the first season, which cionsisted of only six epsidoes. It’s a good thing that they’re back with another season.

It’s saddening to see how nobody even knows that a show like this exists. Here is hoping that it gets renewed for a third season soon.

Westworld - One of the most-popular shows like Black Mirror

We're lucky to have Westworld land on our TV screens. It'd been more than three years since HBO ordered this series. There were so many prediction halts and hiccups along that cancellation seemed like a possibility. To everyone's amazement, HBO's Westworld was one of the biggest hits of 2016, defying every prediction.

The story takes place in the near future where humans have developed advanced robots capable of doing anything, including entertaining, doing chores, romancing and doing other unspeakable things. Rich clients choose to visit this Wilds West themed park filled with these androids not only to relive those legendary moments but to also fulfill their darkest desires with no worries about any consequences. They resort to rape, mutilate, and murder these androids over and over again like it's some sort of a game (it is indeed a game). Everything goes awry when one of the automatons becomes aware of its own existence and leads a revolution against the humans.

A multi-threaded story might not make much sense in the beginning, but I'd recommend you to stick with the show till the end. Even if the first few episodes didn't make much sense, the rest will, if you pay attention. The story is thought-provoking on so many levels, which will make you question the nature of our reality at least a few times.

If you're looking some good shows like Black Mirror that compels you to think, there isn't a better show than Westworld to binge upon.


Based on the original Swedish show Äkta människor, Humans takes place in not too distant future where humanoids have become advanced enough to assist their owners with almost everything. While they act and speak just like humans, they have no emotions of their own. Things turn upside down when a few of them gain consciousness and attempt to break others synths free.

I've not watched the original show so I can’t really comment how well this adaptation is, but I liked it enough to include it here. Some critiques have gone on to call it an improvement upon the original, and I believe them. So should you.

The show deals with the pro and cons of synths in a world where machines are replacing humans in every field. If you’re a fan of shows like Westworld and Black Mirror, this show is going to hook you instantly. Just like those shows, it’s filled with twists and turns. There is much more at stake they what you’d initially thought.

You can clearly feel the Blade Runner vibe running throughout the show. The self-awareness part came directly from that film. If you've seen that classic, you'd certainly be reminded of it.

Airing on AMC, this is probably one of the best sci-fi shows around right now. Though it starts off fairly slowly, the plot moves rapidly after a few episodes. All the build-up leads to one hell of a cliffhanger in the first season. Thankfully, the second season manages to deliver on its big promises with a more spectacular content.

To sum it up, Creepy, Humans is a well-crafted and acted series that never shies away from touching upon sensitive issues.

Did I miss out on some shows like Black Mirror? Let me know in the comments section, and I'll be glad to check them out.


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    • Fullerman5000 profile image

      Ryan Fuller 7 months ago from Louisiana, USA

      I am about to start this show Black Mirrors. I have heard that it is a crazy Twilight Zone type show. After I finish, I will have to check out these other shows that you have listed. Thank you for sharing. I have seen Westworld and that is one amazing show. The others I have heard of but have not seen yet.