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Shut In Review

Updated on March 2, 2017
Shut In Poster
Shut In Poster

Shut In is a French-Canadian horror thriller directed by Farren Blackburn and starring Naomi Watts. The script was penned by Christina Hodson. The film was released in the US on November 11, 2016. And later released on home video February 28, 2017. The film's plot revolves around psychiatrist Mary Portman (Naomi Watts) and her life after the death of her husband. She takes on the burdern of caring for her late husband's son—who is in a vegetative state.

The film's somber plot moves very slowly—with suspense only coming later on in the film. Due to the film's dark, depressing mood—the first thirty or so minutes were a drag to get through. Disappointingly, the film fills them in with multiple, jump scares. The jump scares substitute for genuine, scary moments the film could've had. With little to no foreshadowing, the film quickly becomes a bore. The story does not move quick enough to keep the viewer's attention. The film's twist—thank heavens it has one— comes out of no where and does not make sense.

Furthermore, the film is inconsistent with the theme of its own story. The theme is supposed to be about the relationship between mother and son. Early in the movie, Mary Portman is portrayed as caring mother. However, after several disturbing dream sequences, it is doubtful if she actually cared for him at all. These sequences—although scary—contradict the narrative.

The good behind the film comes from the performance of renowned scream queen, Naomi Watts. Her previous roles in The Ring series definitely prepare her to play a woman who is scared to death in her own home. She conveys fear with overwhelming emotion and prowess. Besides a strong third act, she is the saving grace of the film and help carries it through its conclusion.

Shut In is on Blu-Ray/DVD, Amazon Video, and ITunes.

2 stars for Shut In


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