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Uncle Si Robertson Funny Quotes

Updated on December 15, 2015

Uncle Si Meme

Uncle Si Robertson Quotes

I don’t care what anyone says but my new favorite show is Duck Dynasty. Those rednecks are too funny and Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty is quite possibly the funniest person on TV. Duck Dynasty is the best thing that has happened to A&E in a long time. My goodness Duck Dynasty makes me laugh so much. That uncle Si is the best! "It's a piece of junk!" LOL!

Si Robertson Quotes

  1. Nothing like the sound of shotguns blasting and blue ticks yelling coming through the woods on opening morning of gun season!
  2. Wonder if you heard Hostess is going out of business? No more cupcakes with the swirl on top!
  3. Uncle Si: you're eating that too fast I don’t want a brain sneeze you’re fixing to get one! Jase: Si, I think it’s called a brain freeze. Uncle Si: whatever it’s called I want no part of it.
  4. Today I learned that how to make a pool in the bed of my truck.
  5. I am falling down like a rodeo clown!
  6. That thing will take the hair off a dolphin’s chest. And look here. Have you ever looked at a dolphin’s chest? Hey. That boy has fine chest hair.
  7. I can eat 6 cold donuts, but I can eat 'bout 49 hot '. I just have a good metabolism.
  8. With this $80 I just won I'm going to parfait this into winning that camper.
  9. My obsession with Uncle Si is becoming unhealthy.
  10. I'm the master of distractions a few hand gestures and I'll rip your underwear clean off your butt.
  11. If a girl is wearing a lot of makeup she has something to hide.
  12. Now there is a hatchet Jack!
  13. After witnessing your doughnut eating skills, I would like to challenge you to a buffalo wing championship.
  14. If I poop you with this, you're fixing to be numb, that's why they call them numb-chucks.
  15. I admit that I am the funniest man alive in your little brain.
  16. Once a lady said, If I was an old single lady I would go after SI Robertson he's so ugly and he's cute!
  17. There are things you just can't fix. Can't fix stupid, can't fix a neutered dog & you can't fix junk!
  18. Every senior citizen should have one of these here cane swords!
  19. I think it is safe to say that you don't be finding Phil on Angie's list for babysitting services ever.
  20. The world is 6 trillion in debt. Just exactly which planet do we owe it to?
  21. You, boys, are in trouble! Both physically, & mental-physically!
  22. We got drunk on soda, hey 3 separate times.
  23. I'm fixing to cut your leg off Jack!
  24. What's the difference between hot and cold doughnuts? If they're cold I'll eat 6 if they're hot I'll eat 48. That's the difference.
  25. I am like a small nuclear plant.
  26. From the all the crazy stories this guy tells, he's lived one hell of a life.
  27. Hey jack; if I hit you with this you'd be numb. That's why they call me numb-chucks.
  28. Hey, I'm telling you, respect your elders, but if every one of them had a cane sword, then there would be a lot more respect around here.
  29. I don't like coupons. Coupon sounds like weird and strange.
  30. Hey, don't mess with that old boy or that old woman because they will, sure enough, cut you.
  31. Hey! This is not sleeping deprivation, it was drunk.
  32. Willie Robertson: What are you talking about? I am straight up Hunger Games with a bow. Si Robertson: Hey, If you go hunting with a bow you're going to go hungry lmao.
  33. It's either bet big or go to the house.
  34. I will pay for the rental car if you let me crash in your room!
  35. Never talk bad about a man's beard or you're going to get some lighting and thunder!
  36. If any of you get a Monroe, LA overnight please let me know! I am on a mission to meet my new hero.
  37. One time we put blanks in his shotgun.
  38. If you go without sleep for 54 hours and drink enough sodas you can get a good buzz out of it.
  39. I am still in a good health with good spirits plus tomorrow's Friday and that's a fact, jack.
  40. Hey look here boys, you boys are a bunch of pansies.
  41. Willie Robertson from duck dynasty found a way to create the perfect life. Nothing I can imagine would make you feel prouder than supporting your entire immediate family.
  42. You need to start counting how many times Si Robertson says "Hey", "Jack" & "ok".
  43. What kind of world are we living in where you take a samurai sword to a pawn shop and they can't fix it?
  44. We are fixing to have a hootenanny like you aren’t seen in your lifetime!

Si Robertson funniest moment

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    • profile image

      Matt 3 years ago

      "Hey Owen! Hey these clowns. Hey they don't know what they're doin'. "

    • profile image

      glitter4Gawd 4 years ago

      Si also says "no" a whole lot. You forgot the quote: Viva con Dios which means live with God...

    • profile image

      brderk1 4 years ago

      14 says poop instead of pop lol

    • profile image

      Cherish LULU 4 years ago


    • profile image

      cameron 4 years ago

      Si is the best person ever and idk what i would do without watching him every week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Yo mama 4 years ago

      Crap it's funny

    • iguidenetwork profile image

      iguidenetwork 4 years ago from Austin, TX

      Funny and witty. Really makes my day! :)

    • profile image

      Uncle Si's #1 fan 4 years ago

      Hey this is Si-intistic stuff!

    • profile image

      Fluffer Nugget 4 years ago

      Hey Jack I sting like a butterfly an' punch lika' flea

      Haha gotta love SI

    • profile image

      Adriana 5 years ago

      Uncle si is funny

    • profile image

      Amanda 5 years ago

      Uncle si is my rolemodel

    • profile image

      thedarkknightt 5 years ago

      Where is the list of all the "rule number one" rules?

      I liked the one about having to always lay down!

    • profile image

      Noah 5 years ago

      Good Neft boys

    • profile image

      crystal 5 years ago

      float like a butterfly punch like a flea


    • profile image

      Jessica 5 years ago

      I love it

    • profile image

      hayden 5 years ago

      u rock

    • profile image

      Cotton beer 5 years ago

      If you want somethin done right. Hey. Don't ask me."

    • profile image

      Taylor 5 years ago

      It wouldn't be a show without Si in it

    • profile image

      rico 5 years ago

      Uncle si funny as hell

    • profile image

      Samson 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Ben Smoot 5 years ago

      Don't play with my beaver too much. Hey, he don't like it -Si Robertson

    • profile image

      Amy Bell 5 years ago

      Si Robertson is a true redneck icon.