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Silk Smitha hot south Indian movie actress ever

Updated on March 9, 2014

Mini Biography of Silk Smitha

Real Name : Vijayalakshmi Vadlapati

Screen Name :Silk Smitha

Date of Birth :2 December 1960

Died at : 23 September 1996

Popular as : Item actress, South Indian movie actress

Introduction of Silk Smitha

Silk Smitha is the most hot and sexy glamor actress ever in South Indian cinema. She has achieved top of the movie industry as a glamor actress and she performed in the movie industry more than 15 years. Silk Smitha is the most popular erotic actress ever who was ultimate popular in late 80s decade. Silk Smitha was born as Vijayalakshmi Vadlapati and she was born on 2 nd December 1960. Silk was coming form very poor family and she didn’t have good education over there. Her family faced lot of financial crisis and she has to marry at very young age. Her husband and in-laws treat her very inappropriately so finally she ran away to Chennai (City of Tamil Naidu) and live with an aunt.

Luck and Skill are the main two factors for any actress to depend on highly competitive South Indian movie industry . Silk Smita got both of them and she enter in to the cinema at right time at right place . Silk got great skills on performance arts and there are no other actress to compare the talent of herself in sensual performance.

Before Enter in to the Cinema

In beginning Silk don several small characters in movies and finally got attraction over a popular Movie director Vinu Chakravathy , He changed her name Vijayalakshmi Vadlapati to Silk Smitha and prepare her to became a prominent actress in the industry. Vinu Chakravathy identified the potential of Silk Smita and makes her one of the top hot and sexy actress and best item dancer in the industry. In very short time period Silk smitha became symbol of glamor in South Indian cinema and most of her item songs became very popular on those days.Even Silk Smitha movie career spanning across 17 years of short time period compare to other actress.In this short time span she could achieve highest place in South Indian commercial entertainment cinema. She is one of the great rag to riches example in Indian movie history.

Beautiful pictures of glamors Silk Smitha

Movie Career of Silk Smitha

Most of her performance was limited to some glamor performance and item dance in beginning of her career but later she performed several lead characters and she also got popular as hot actress on that movie too. Layanam is one of the hottest movie ever she did performed and this hot actress got ultimate popular over South Indian cinema as a glamor queen. Most of Silk Performances were based on South Indian cinema and she acted numerous movies in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam languages. However Silk got great sense of sensuality in the Indian movie industry.Silk is one of the extrodinary actress and her performance in Moondram Pirai which was directed by Balu Mahendra is really great.

Life of Silk Smitha

In what Movie Industry Silk Smitha was much popular?

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Death of Silk Smitha

Unfortunately Silk smitha committed suicide at the age of 35 and her dead body was found in her Chennai apartment. She got lots of financial problems, complication in relationships and alcohol dependency at the end of her life. She committed to suicide by poisoning herself at the peak of the entertainment career. The tragic death of the Silk Smitha shocked the entire Indian movie sector and there are nor actress who able to fill the space of Silk Smitha yet.

Some rare pictures of Silk Smita

Some memorable popular movies of Silk

Tamil Movie
Malayalm Movie
Telugu Movies
Parvaiyin Marupakkam
Nizhal Moodiya Nirangal
Shri Datta Darshanam
Thambikku Oru Paattu
Urukku Manushyan
Chattamtho Poratam
Adhisaya Manithan
Shesham Screenil
Gudachari No.1
Nizhal Moodiya Nirangal
Alaigal Oivathillai
Seethakoka Chiluka
Inaye Thedi
Sagalakala Vallavan

Silk Smitha with her beautiful smile

Talents of Silk Smitha

The death of Silk Smitha got a big impact on South Indian movie Industry. After the death of Silk there are more and more actress try to fill the space in the industry that silk made but none of them able to make it. Even Silk Smitha not beautiful and fair as other actress in South Indian cinema she got great skills of performing sensuality and hot dancing performance talents. However Silk Simtha can considered as one of the greatest hot actress ever in South Indian cinema history. The contribution which she made on South Indian cinema in very short time period compare to other is really unbelievable.

Silk Smitha the Symbol of Sensuality

Legend after the death

Silk is much popular as a commercial movie actress and according tho my knowledge she never acted any performance in parrarl or artistic movie as a lead character. Silk is not fair as other south Indian actress. Normally fairness is one of the key factor of South Indian Actress but even less fair this hot actress could able to achieve the industry through sensual performances. Silk is too much desperate at the end of her life and she was addicted to alcohol and unwanted relationships made her committed to suicide. Even this actress much successful in cinema fail in her life and that lead her to commit suicide.

Tribune to Legendary Actress Silk Smitha

Ektha kapoor produced a movie called “The Dirty Picture" which based on the life story of this great hot South Indian actress Silk Smitha. Popular Hindi movie actress Vidya Balan did the character of Silk Smita and that movie became blockbuster hit in Bollywood. Even Silk smitha didn’t got any awards or honors for her performance, the mark establish by Silk Simita will remain forever in the south Indian movie industry forever. I am plan to update more content and images of this wonderful glamor beauty Silk Smitha in near future.


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