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Silver Linings Playbook Review of the Movie

Updated on September 26, 2015

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Bradley Cooper as the main character Pat is ingenious.He does a bang up job

Ever watch a movie about nothing which is full of everything? This is one deserving of nominations at the Academy Awards. The director, screenwriter and actors all come together to create a great work of art. Watching a movie where a viewer hates to see it end says a lot about it. This definitely fell into this category.

Bradley Cooper is the main character, Pat. He comes on the scene like gangbusters and was a pleasant surprise for so many people from former roles he has played. He was best known for the comedy antics in the Hangover trio of films, but many miss the fact he started his career on the small screen.

Cooper was a regular on the show Nip/Tuck. He played from 2007 to 2009. Most of his early work was limited to a bad guy and then comedy came along with the Hangover and changed viewers mind about him. They had recognized him as a possible actor in Limitless and then he blew the mind with Silver Linings Playbook.

Movie Synopsis

The role is that of a manic depressive recently released from a court ordered inpatient stay. He was admitted for the violence committed against his wife’s lover after catching them taking a noon shower at his home.

The judge is releasing him to his parents’ custody with strict orders to stay away from his xwife. His sights are set on attempting to win her affections back no matter what. She is going on with her life and his divorced. In his quest to do so he seems to push all of his loved ones away and is in danger of going back to inpatient care of worse, jail.

Along his voyage of finding himself and coming to the understanding his marriage is over, he meets another woman. This would be wonderful if she wasn’t struggling with her own demons. This is a young widow with a mind of her own and not afraid to say whatever comes to mind.

Boy meets girl, loses mind, loses girl, meets new girl, falls in love. Both are crazy. Its the same old story.

Jennifer Lawrence received the nod from the Academy for the role, but is best known for The Hunger Games soon to be a trilogy.
Jennifer Lawrence received the nod from the Academy for the role, but is best known for The Hunger Games soon to be a trilogy.

The characters

Every cast member was nominated for an Academy Award with the exception of Chris Tucker. The rest of the cast were known by sight, but not exactly famous. For example, Deniro's friend Ricky DeAngelo played a wonderful part, but not someone who sticks in mind when thinking of the movie Silver Linings Playbook. He has played in several films related to mobsters.

Cooper’s character has no filter on proper etiquette, political correctness and anything else which doesn’t embarrass others or make them feel uncomfortable. Every conversation with his parents ends in an argument or physical fight. His mom is aware of his inner struggles, but dad doesn’t see it. One of the reasons Dad is not feeling it is because he has his own OCD disorder and possible manic depression as well.

Bradley Cooper as Pat was more than believable. The look in his eyes in lots of the scenes made the audience laugh, but knowing his struggle made it a sad sight at the same time. Definitely played the part like the book was written. Great job Cooper and with scenes like this the future is definitely very bright for the career.

Julia Styles (Veronica) has not been around in a while and it was great to see here. She is the widow’s sister who loves her, but is caught up in her own life. She lends only a helping finger, not even a hand. Sis doesn’t mind and cares less.

Dr. Patel is a key figure in the fact he gives Pat a chance to express his personal thoughts and feelings. This is important and a significant way to understand the depth of his despair and the emotions he feels. The psychiatrist is at first felt as a threat and then a real friend on his side, but tough enough to make him fly right.

Deniro still has it. He played a mean guy in this film. Though, he had a heart. He loved his son, but struggled with his own problems.

Mom was Jacki Weaver. This English actress did a wonderful job as Pat’s mother stuck between her husband and her son. Both were losing their mind and she was glue holding it together with toothpicks.

Jennifer Lawrence (Tiffany) was her usual "beauty queen" self and would have come across much better as more of a plain Jane. Though, her looks are difficult to play down. This takes away from seeing her acting ability for countless individuals. She did pretty well with crazy. In fact, she did more than better.

A little more about the movie and the money

Director-David Russell

Screenplay-David Russell

Released date in the US-October 2012

Opening weekend box office take-shown on 16 screens and made just under $500,000

Budget -$21 million

Gross earnings-$132 million

In conclusion

In the end there is peace, not necessarily happiness, but close. Happiness is relative and this is one movie which teaches the lesson better than most.

Lessons learned include never judging a book by the cover, no one is ever too old to learn, and love comes in all forms. There are second chances in life and love and is the love of your life is typically right in front of you. The best was a crazy psychiatrist helps with staying released from the hospital.

I believe Silver Linings Playbook did not speak for the mental health services. It did speak for the treatment by family and friends of anyone suffering from mental health issues. It expressed feelings of patients suffering from depression and how they see the world around them. More importantly they are able to live normal and healthy lives with the right support, medication and management of their illness. This is a good thing. Most of the films about manic depression end tragically and leave a tear in the eye for sadness. This film left one for happiness.

Preview worth seeing

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Cast of main characters for Silver Linings Playbook

pat jr
bradley cooper
jennifer lawrence
pat sr
robert deniro
dolores -mom
jacki weaver
chris tucker
dr patel
anepum kher
julia styles
john ortiz
office keogh
dash mihonk
other supporting characters with smaller roles not listed

Money is not everything, but it certainly is an enormous reason for actors to choose one role over another.

Jennifer Lawrence has done a wonderful job of selecting the right roles for this star's acting abilities. This is identified by more than a few industry success stories as one of the most important combos necessary for success. When this magical combination takes place it typically follows a line where monies paid increases with each additional role. Great choices enlarge fame and fortune.This has certainly been the case for Jennifer.

Great eye for the right thing

She has a eye for getting the right ones under her belt. Reading through the thousands of scripts sent her way since becoming famous is a daunting task. Choosing the right ways seems like an almost impossible one. Some admit a stab in the dark at times. Though, fans admit it is difficult to follow a blockbuster with another repeat performance no matter who the actor happens to be. What is Jennifer's next big move? The gossips in the show biz circuit admit sequels of successful movies do well, but variations are also a great step to take. This actor is excited to see either one as the next career choice.

With a net worth of nearly $75 million as of 2015, the future is definitely bright for this twenty something year old star.

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    • lyndapringle profile image

      Lynda Pringle 

      3 years ago from Austin, Texas

      Thank you for this movie review. It is an interesting take on mental illness on how it can take over rational thinking and just lead one into one troublesome situation into another without the person thinking there's anything wrong. People stalk because they sincerely think in their addleness that they stand a chance with their ex. But it appears that at last this man found a new woman.

      It seems to be a rather intense movie. I'll check it out.

    • smcopywrite profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from all over the web

      thank you for commenting. book fans will enjoy the book as well. it is a holiday movie not to be missed

    • Paradise7 profile image


      3 years ago from Upstate New York

      I haven't watched this movie before though I'm a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence. I really can't wait to se it and don't know how I missed it

      ! Thanks so much for this review. Happy New Year!


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